Connect To Archangels, Guardian Angels and More With These Tools

Here are five simple tools that you can use to get help from the spiritual realms. Most of us don't ask for help from them because we either don't know we can or it's not something we think of doing. Unless you were raised in a house where this was a part of daily life, you may need to have your phone remind you or decorate with angels to make a habit of calling on them. Angels are there for us in our time of need and to help us with smaller things. When you get used to working with them, you will find they actually do help you. Ask people if they have ever seen an angel and you'll probably be surprised to find how many people have encountered them.

1. Place Angels Around Your Home. You can place statues of angels in your home or pictures of them. It will actually welcome them and make people feel safe when they are there. The loving vibration of the angels will surround you when you create an angel friendly environment. Even small figures placed on nightstands help you feel safe and protected. You don't have to spend a fortune to decorate either. You could print and laminate a picture of an angel that you resonate with and place it on your altar. 

2. Carry Crystals. Specific crystals like selenite, celestine, seraphinite and angelite to connect to their frequency. Sleep with them under your pillow, wear them as jewelry or carry them in your pocket. There are many more too. All crystals will raise your vibration so you can communicate easier. Usually the crystals that correspond to your upper chakras help open you to the spiritual realm. White and light color crystals can be helpful to raise your energy from the lower chakras. We have many crystals you can order on our website or come into our stores if you're in Los Angeles.

3. Use Angel Cards. You do not need to have a background in metaphysics to use angel cards. They come with simple instructions that allow you to use the cards to get messages from the angels. Doreen Virtue has simple oracle decks and more intricate angel tarot decks if you're wanting to go deeper. Her Saints and Angels deck is a great introduction deck and perfect for simple guidance. The Archangel Power Tarot card deck is 78 cards and has a very in depth book to help you learn different spreads. We have lots of angel cards at our 3 stores in LA. We recently started carrying beautiful statues in our stores. 

4. Write Down Your Prayer Requests. The action of writing down your prayers and addressing the angels is very powerful. I've rarely written something down that didn't happen. I like to write it as if it's already happened. Often it will say something like, "Angels and Guides, thank you for......" And you can do it every morning and night to send a strong beacon and call on lots of support. Affirming that it's already happened builds trust and positive energy as well. Keeping a journal to communicate with angels is a really great way to keep track of signs you see and messages you may hear in your dreams, through songs that pop into your head or on the radio. You may see numbers or billboards that have significant meaning and you can document it to see themes in your journal. You will love the unique journals we carry. Make it something special and meaningful to you. 

5. Read About Other People's Experiences With Angels. If you struggle to believe that angels actually exist, no big deal. When you read about how surprised other people have been to receive help from them, you'll realize you're not alone. I always say experience is the best teacher and after enough experiences, you just know. I read many of Doreen Virtue's books which often include her own and other people's experiences with angels. It's very exciting to realize there is a whole unseen world working on our side! My absolute favorite book is Angel Medicine which is a wild account of her visit to Greece and how angels gave her information about where she would go which was later verified by tour guides. There's also a great book called Archangels and Ascended Masters which is a guide to the different angels and extremely well compiled. We usually carry these books in our libraries. 

We are lucky to have a team of people that have spent years working on their connection to the unseen realm. You can access our own angel classes to learn more on HOI.TV. Angels are a huge part of the spiritual world, there are thousands and thousands of them. They can be with you in an instant and some of them are good with specific tasks. For example, archangel Michael helps with cutting chords to give you your energy back. Archangel Raphael is often called upon for healing. In the city of Angels, let's bring back the power of the name and call upon our angels and invite them into our lives. They can't interfere unless it's a life or death situation and their whole job is to help us, but we have to ask. 

Share this helpful article with someone you love and let's get everyone the assistance available to them! ~ House of Intuition

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