Top Intuition Development Secrets You'll Love

Clairvoyance is one skill that is both challenging and exciting to develop. To be 'clear' we have to heal a lot of our own perceptions that create blocked energy in our energy field. That's the challenging part because it's not a one time fix. It requires diligence and honesty with our own behaviors, fears and hidden agendas. Daily meditation becomes a ritual for developing clairvoyance and this is where the sorting and processing takes place. The fun part is that you suddenly tap into special skills that can help you manifest, find lost items, know the future and heal others. If you're intrigued about developing your intuition, here are 6 fun ways to help your psychic abilities open.

1. Read & Journal - Clairvoyance is something that can be improved by educating yourself on what other clairvoyants do. The spirit world can be understand and communicated with when we know the key players and how to access them. We have a huge library of books at all three of our stores to get you started! We also sell beautiful journals that can document your communications and impressions. 

2. Drink Herbal Tea - We have incredible organic herbal tea blends in our stores. Buddha Tea's Third Eye Chakra Tea is also great! You can also get the plant essences in a different format through our pure grade essential oils online. Frankincense is a highly revered oil dating back to Egyptian times that can be used to open intuition. 

3. Wear Crystals - Increase intuition while looking fabulous in colorful crystals. The white, clear and purple crystals open your upper chakras that connect you to your intuition. Clear crystal quartz and amethyst are available on our website or in our stores. There are many different colors and kinds of crystals and it's best to hold them and see how you feel. Moldavite is another crystal we carry that has a high frequency that can connect you to your guides. It's originally from a meteorite and most people notice their energy shift just from holding it.

4. Relax & Meditate - Clairvoyance requires the active brain to be still. That means you actually do need to relax in order to tap into your intuition. Letting your mind be blank will help you listen and receive messages. It may mean developing a regular ritual of a relaxing bath and a cozy corner to meditate or creating a spot at home where you can just chill and be away from it all. We have relaxing bath products and beautiful sacred home ornaments to help you create a relaxing environment. 

5. Listen to Calm Music or Use Singing Bowls - Yes listening to calm music can get you in the brainwave state required for connecting to your intuition. See I told you it was fun! You can listen to mantras, wooden flutes, shamanic drums and similar type of music to open your third eye. You can also play some of the ancient instruments yourself! Music helps clear negativity out of the air. We have beautiful singing bowls and other instruments for you at our stores. 

6. Use Oracle or Tarot Cards - One of my favorite ways to keep the intuition sharp is doing my daily cards. I love to do a morning spread and read what the day may hold. Revisiting the spread at night and finding how true my impressions were is always a strong reassurance that the soul has infinite wisdom for us. We have a wonderful selection of cards for you as well at our stores! 

There's no one thing that will get you there instantly, it's a lifestyle and a blending of habits that will gradually open your intuition. Luckily, they are all good for us and really involve us taking care of our selves. We are committed to help more people connect to their intuition and here seven days a week to answer your questions. We love to see people have those aha moments when they receive a message and suddenly realize how much magic is available to us everyday! We also offer online classes about reading cards on HOI.TV and Naha has an Intuition Development Course you can keep an eye out for on Meetup

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