October New Moon in Libra Predicts Love

The characteristics of this new moon are generous, optimistic, dramatic, warm and nurturing. The sign of Libra governs the arts, beauty and aesthetics. It is associated with romance and love because it's ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet linked to the Aphrodite Goddess who is a seductress. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty and was also known as Ishtar in Babylonia. Ishtar was also linked to the holiday Easter if you trace the name back. Before we go too far down that rabbit hole, let's come to the present day and see what fun is cooking up for us! The sun is about to move into sultry Scorpio meaning the time is ripe for beginning new love. 

I always think of Libra as the golden retriever. They can charm and get along with just about everybody and they are absolutely endearing. You may find you can really mesh with people right now so if you're wanting love, get out and socialize. Put yourself in situations between the new moon October 19th to the full moon November 4th that could have some high quality people that you jive with. The full moon in Taurus is also ruled by Venus meaning that you will be smack dab in the middle of some serious passionate energy in the next few weeks. My advice is get out, get your vibes up by taking care of your energy and ask your guides for help! One of the ways to invoke more loving energy is through our senses. I've had amazing results with HOI's LOVE incense and the rose geranium essential oil is also a potent love energy. We always have a special new moon candle and Love candle as well! 

The new moon is a time to plant your seed of intention. Get clear with what you want to get rid of distractions. The law of universe is 'energy flows where attention goes' so if you are persistent with your focus, you can make some real changes happen. It's always good to be clear with the type of person you'd like to attract. Do you want someone loyal, healthy, stable, spiritual, funny, compassionate and available? Write down your intentions daily to send energy to your idea. Visualize your idea and put yourself out there! Don't just stay home visualizing! We also have a new moon ritual on HOI.TV that you can use. Our moon rituals are designed with our Moon Box which is a monthly subscription box that is specifically curated for the sign the moon will be in that month. 

If you're looking to change your life and feel powerless, we are here to help you learn magic. We know how to use astrology to ride the powerful cosmic tides and use them to make life amazing. We have incredible classes about astrology on HOI.TV to help you get used to the qualities of each sign. You can even get an in person astrology reading with Mary at our Echo Park location. 

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