The Secret To Overcoming Humanity's Greatest Fear

If there is one universal fear, it's most likely the fear of death. Don't worry, I'm not getting all morbid on you, I have a very uplifting message for you today. It's no secret that people are afraid of this event, however modern meta-physicians are helping us overcome our greatest fear. Some people are born with the ability to connect to deceased loved ones and others work to develop that sensitivity. It's called mediumship. Many of us live our lives thinking we have an expiration date and we don't see the bigger picture or have never had an opportunity to experience proof of the continuation of our spirit. Evidential mediumship which provides facts such as names, jobs, areas lived, reason for passing or even physical appearance is a great way to prove that there is life after death. Having the experience from a medium or working on the skill yourself can greatly ease the fear of life after death. Here are some books to get you started learning about people that do this and how to learn for yourself. 

1. Mediumship Mastery by Stephen Hermann - This book helps you understand the nuances and different types of mediumship as well as how to practice. It helps you learn about evidential mediumship, clairvoyance, channelling and connecting to guides. Each are different skills sets. We usually carry this book in our library. 

2. Developing Mediumship by Gordon Smith - Gordon is the top evidential medium in the UK where most evidence based mediums in the world are based. He leads trainings and teaches and has an incredible reputation. 

We are blessed to have a gifted medium at House of Intuition Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Afimaye is a priest and third generation healer who has traveled the world teaching and healing. He has been offering his services with us for over two years and we are blessed to have him. Having worked with and read about this specific type of spiritual gift, I wanted to help you understand it a little more. I think it has tremendous potential to help our society because so many people's behaviors are fear based. In fact, I believe people's fear of dying is preyed upon. Even our need to cling to the physical world and use up many natural resources seeking security, may truly go away if we can experience the other side. Some mediums work with psychometry. They are trained to hold a picture or a valuable of that person to attune to the vibrations that object picked up. It's a tool they use and they will often as for a piece of jewelry, keys or a watch the person wore. Some mediums are able to pick up on the emotions of the deceased love one but are not trained to pick up on facts as much. This type of mediumship is more common in the US. In the UK, fact based mediumship is more commonly practiced. A medium who picks up on emotions may be able to pick up on the unresolved issues between you and a deceased love one or the personality of the deceased love one. 

It's also important to know that when someone passes, they may go through a period of confusion where they don't know how to communicate and aren't good at it. They don't always show up for a reading and you can't be upset with the medium if they can't reach someone. Many mediums work with their guides or a 'runner' to translate between them and a deceased loved one. A part of developing mediumship is working on the relationship between yourself and the runner. If you've ever been in a mediumship circle to practice, it's common that the quality of the air will change when a deceased loved one is present. The air may feel more dense. The deceased loved ones often come to us a bit lower than spirit guides that were not human at one point. They may be present over the shoulder. Often you will see a medium look over your shoulder when they receive their information. Energy linked to your mother's side is usually present on the left, the feminine side, while those linked to your father's side are on the right, the masculine side. Additionally, there can be friends and non-relatives who may show up more in the middle or to one side depending on their gender or if they were a friend of either your mom or dad. 

Sometimes the relationship or name doesn't come through clearly and a session may be somewhat confusing. It's not necessarily the fault of the medium. Many times the medium will bring through information of someone you don't expect and you'll realize later who it was. Also there are many times that the information will be from someone you didn't know about and later you find out through asking someone that it is accurate. The best way to find a medium is through referral. If the person has a good reputation, that's a good starting point. You don't want to go into a session with too many expectations either. There are many ways that mediumship can help people though. Sometimes a painful and unresolved emotional issue can be healed or just finding peace knowing someone is ok. Some mediums are very good at picking up pet energy as well. 

While mediumship can be intimidating to some people, there's nothing to be afraid of. My teacher helps to solve crimes with her skills and it is a gift that has helped many people open to the other side. It is also practiced in many cultures and written about in most sacred religious texts. Experiences are well documented about reincarnation where we know that young children have been able to remember names and details of their past lives that were verified. An ABC news channel did a special on this boy who died in a plane crash in a previous life. 

If you're new to this subject, maybe start by taking a class, picking up a book or coming in for a reading. Keep an open mind and an open heart. You may also be interested in checking out the popular TV shows about mediums like Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry who developed his gift at a young age. Finally, there are great books and teachers about past lives and many people like the work of Dr. Brian Weiss who teaches past life regression and is very respected as a teacher and author. His book, "Many Lives Many Masters" is an international best seller and New York Times best seller. Our very own Aimee Bello has studied with him and offers past life regression classes and sessions by appointment


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