Something We Can All Agree On: We Need To Slow Down

Do you notice that we have become more and more rushed in our conversations and we even seem to move faster in this technology age? Our nervous systems are taxed and we have an overload of stress chemicals essentially wreaking havoc on our minds and bodies. If we just make it a point not to rush and to slow way down in every way, we can become a gift of happiness to all those we encounter. People will feel good around us and feel less anxious. If we slow down our speech, our thoughts and our movements, we may not rush and say things we don't mean. We may think things through before making mistakes. We may stop being clumsy and even have less accidents. Slowing down is a simple zen technique that is really a master technique. So many people feel the need to hustle in order to achieve something but then their energy becomes frenetic and they attract, yup you guessed it, chaos. 

If you feel anxious, unsettled or even disorganized, chances are you're rushing. Start to notice how you cook. Do you watch what you're doing? Do you breathe while you're cooking. How do you eat? Do you notice the flavors and enjoy it? Do you feel grateful to have food? Notice how you bathe. Do you care for your skin and hair? Do you take time to make your self feel like a temple for your spirit? Do you pay attention to how your body feels before doing something to pick up on the subtle cues it can give you about it? If you slow your breathing, your words and thoughts will follow suit. You can even help to affect the energy around you by slowing down. People will unknowingly start to calm down just by your presence. Be calm and the world will reflect it back to you. Be stressed and that's what you will meet.

We live in a holographic universe. The ancient hermetic saying of 'As Above So Below' is just as real as when it was stated in ancient Egypt. If you think of the state of your mind and body as a microcosm of the macrocosm, that means you have more control over world peace than you thought. If you can remain calm and peaceful by applying your intention and breath or using herbs and even gentle stretching, you will affect the group conscious and the delicate balance of energy that creates and impacts cultural trends and psychological states of mind. They say that cloister nuns that stay inside and pray are affecting the energy of the world by maintaining a state of love and peace. The same is said about monks and they take their sacred work very seriously. You too can make it a point to be peaceful and calm in order to help not only yourself but also the world.

It's so obvious that we have forgotten how to be calm and how to slow down. We drive and people have road rage. We speak and we cut each other off. We scroll through social media and can't finish a 1 minute video. We start things and don't finish. We slam on our breaks because we don't pay attention. We live in the future when all we have is the eternal now. Let's make a pact between us to commit to world peace by being peaceful beings. My spiritual mentor, the first person who helped me see a new way of being said, "I never rush." I still hear the words in my head because they made my life inexplicably better. He was considering becoming a monk when I met him and it spurred my spiritual path. Spirituality doesn't have to be complicated, because truly the nature of the universe is very simple, it's love. That means the answers to our problems are simple, just love. Just slow down and be loving because all we have is the present moment. Vibrate love and heal inside and out. 

How do we slow down and break the pattern that is there when we wake up? Try decorating your home with calming art, play calm music or mantras constantly and make the lighting calming. You can diffuse calming essential oils and and drink calming herbal teas. You can eat foods high in magnesium which makes you calm or take a magnesium supplement. You can eat calming foods that aren't too spicy. You can reduce your caffeine intake and make sure you surround yourself with calm media. Jarring media affects our brain and our energy. Playing nature shows and movies or spiritual movies are calm. Even the quality of someone's voice can help us train ourselves to be calm. If you make this simple thing a focus, your whole life may change. You may be able to handle things better. You may attract a totally different type of friend group. You may get hired for different jobs. People enjoy calm people and it is truly a super power. 

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