How To Feel More Positive Instantly

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Do you often have times when you just feel plain bad? Yogis have a trick that's fast and efficient and you can do it anywhere at anytime. The only time you don't want to do it is if you're a lady and you're on the first three days of your cycle. You'll feel better in yes just three little minutes. That's a whole 180 seconds of your life that will give you something you don't have to spend money on that will make you feel epicly charged full of vigor and vim. I think we could all use a little more ebullient vitality and energy. Adding strength to the docket is a no brainer right? It's almost so easy that you'll think, yeah right. However, it's a 5,000 year old secret that is used by ancient yogis and current masters. It's been passed down from master to student, guru to disciple, person to person. 

Breath of fire is a simple breathing technique that is like getting a full blood transfusion. It not only purifies your blood but it brings oxygen to your brain and muscles, energizes your nervous system and relaxes you. This technique can be practiced for even just a minute in the car and you'll get a burst of energy, a second wind if you will. If you really want to see it's effects (it will make you feel high) you can try doing it for 11 minutes. You can work up to 31 minutes a day if you're serious about getting happy. Your worries will melt away and your creativity and confidence will skyrocket. Why is this not common knowledge? Well it's free to do so people don't need to spend money to feel high and stay high. Breathing is the foundation of yoga practices of many lineages and it is a fast and effective way to feel giddy like a child. 

Here's the technique. Sit cross legged on the floor or in a chair. You can place your hand on your stomach to help get the rhythm. You will only breathe through your nose and you fill focus on the exhale. The inhale will happen naturally. You will forcefully push the air out of your nose as you snap your belly in. Let the inhale be equal in length to the exhale but not forced as the exhale is. You can start slow to get in a rhythm and then speed up. It should have a sound because you'll be breathing intensely. You'll be able to really get on top of things if you make this a part of your day. 80% of successful people meditation and many celebrities practice kundalini yoga which focuses on breath work. If you're feeling anxious, chances are you're breathing very shallowly. Experiment with this ancient technique and see how you feel. 

There are many special breathing techniques in kundalini yoga that can do all sorts of special things for you. There are ways to move your energy to heal, manifest, clear karma, rid yourself of anger, project your energy and increase intuition. This simple thing of breathing takes time to learn because there are many different techniques. In kundalini yoga, a level one training will often last 8 months. A level two training will last 2 years and there is a 10 year apprenticeship in order to become a teacher of teachers. That's like doctor status! Could breathing be medicine? With the influx of yoga studios across the world, it seems that it is! Come to Aimee's Monday night Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at our Echo Park location or check out her quick and easy breathing techniques on HOI.TV! There are also studios in LA that offer daily kundalini classes that are wonderful! YogaWest, Rama and Nine Treasures have excellent teachers that are there to support you and get you to the next level on your spiritual path! 

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