CANCER SEASON ANCESTRAL RITUAL: Connect With Sirius, the Brightest Star

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By Narayana Montúfar 

During emotional Cancer Season, use this connective energy to dive deep into your ancestral lineage and to get guidance from Spirit! The sign of Cancer is the Zodiac that is tasked with storing humanity’s oldest ancestral knowledge. 

Sirius - the brightest star in the entire sky - will play a key role tapping you into Spirit Guide energy. All ancient cultures have venerated this star to the point of building sacred ancient sites facing it. The Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids as well as England’s Stonehedge, and the temple of Gobekli Tepe, in Turkey, are all facing toward Sirius. Now is a beautiful opportunity to connect with the ancient wisdom of Sirius, which emanates a frequency of divine, pure love and protection. 


You will need an image of Sirius, candles (Honor Your Ancestors or Cancer Season Magic Candle, or mini spirit candles), a piece of Selenite, matches, a pen, and wish paper. 

BEGIN by taking the piece of Selenite and passing it all around your body, from head to toe, to cleanse your energy. Next, do the same with your ritual items as well as the corners of the room you’re in. 

LIGHT your candles with ceremony matches while repeating the mantra: “Let the energy of Cancer connect me with my star family, reminding me of our ancient knowledge. I am listening.” 

CLOSE your eyes and enter a deep meditative state while imagining your consciousness traveling through space, first arriving at the Moon, then the Sun, and lastly, arriving at Sirius.

VISUALIZE your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors greeting you and sharing important information with you. Take mental notes of symbols, colors, and feelings that now arise. Once you are ready to come back, feel your consciousness return the same way it traveled away, leaving Sirius by way of the Sun and Moon.  Feel grounded back into your body.

OPEN your eyes and begin writing your experience on wish paper without judging any of the information that comes through. Keep it safe on your altar so you can access it whenever you feel ready to decode its meaning.  

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