Want To Attract Money & Abundance?

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Boost your luck and draw in prosperity with this Money Manifesting Ritual!  Perform it on a Thursday, as the celestial energy of that day is most aligned the colors Green, the lucky planet Jupiter, and with the intention of prosperity.  Discover the secrets of manifesting financial abundance with the Magic of this Wealth Spell.


For this Ritual you will need: a Money Magic Candle, Citrine Crystal, Pen, a piece of Wish Paper, three drops of Abundant Wellspring Oil, prosperity herbs such Calendula, and Matches.

Central to the law of attraction Ritual is your focused attention & intention, a potent petition that directs your deepest desires into The Universe. 

Write your name & birthdate in the center of a piece of Wish Paper along with the symbol of the currency you use ($) on each of the 4 corners of the paper. 

Place your Citrine on top of the paper. Citrine crystal, often times called the "Merchant's Stone", boosts luck and creativity.

Anoint your Money Magic Candle with drops of Abundant Wellspring Oil, focusing deeply on your financial goals as you do so. 

Dress the candle by lightly sprinkling Calendula Herb around the wick to enhance prosperity, luck, and abundance. 

Light the candle - concentrating on your desires - and chant either repeatedly in your head or out loud: 

'Fortunes flow and riches rise, 
Grant me wealth, open my eyes.
Golden glow, prosperity,
Now I call you come to me.'

Following safe candle burning instructions, let the Money Candle burn down in this wealth spell over the next days to reveal the crystal talismans hidden within. Before the flame goes out on its final day, light your Wish Paper to the heavens. Now your Citrine Bracelet is also powerfully charged with the energy of luck and wealth. Wear it and keep the other crystals with you as you go about your day.

Repeat this process whenever you want to recharge your luck with money.  Wait till you see what happens! 


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