Weekly Astrology Forecast I July 8: A Venus-in-Leo Magic Spell To Magnetize

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Venus leads the astrology this week as this Planet of all things pleasure enters Leo, the only Zodiac sign ruled by the Sun. Between July 11th and August 3rd, the Fire element ignites our ability to connect with ourselves and what we seek. This current celestial energy supports you in this - so why not harness for your Highest Self?

Venus in Leo is the epitome of regal feminine energy, reminiscent of the great Egyptian Lioness Goddess Sekhmet. This half-lion, half-human deity is connected to the power of the Sun, which brings illumination, recognition, and power.

Over the next four weeks, Venus-in-Leo inspires us to feel more comfortable with “being seen” and reclaiming the power of our presence. This planet-sign combination is about standing tall in full awareness of our personal power. Regardless of your Zodiac sign, the Magnetizing Magic Spell below can guide you in harnessing the fiery power of Venus in Leo, especially as we transition from nurturing Cancer Season into upcoming bold Leo Season, via the invocation of the unmatched Egyptian Lioness Goddess Sekhmet. 

Venus-in-Leo Magnetizing Magic Spell 

For this spell, you will need any smoke cleansing herb, yellow candles (four small ones or one large one), your favorite perfume (or Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil), an image of Goddess Sekhmet, and your favorite summer accessory to serve as wearable talisman. This ritual is best performed either on Friday or Sunday, during the next four weeks. 

BEGIN by clearing the sacred space where you will perform the spell, passing cleansing smoke from lit sage herb bundle or incense through every single one of your ritual items. Lay the image of Sekhmet flat and after spraying it with your perfume or anointing it with Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil, place one yellow at the head of the image (or four yellow candles around it (at the top, bottom, left, and right). As you light the candles one by one, imagine the Lioness Goddess Sekhmet awakening to your calling. Spend as long as possible connecting with her magnetism, her power, and her beauty. 

Once you feel connected to her energy, spray or anoint your talisman accessory and place it below her image, close your eyes, and visualize a beam of yellow light shining down from the sky.

REPEAT THE MANTRA: “May you infuse my object with the prowess of your being. May your essence please me during Venus’ journey through the skies of Leo.”

ALLOW for the candles to burn down completely.

WEAR your talisman often during the Summer and especially during the next four weeks

TAKE NOTE of what magnetizing magic happens and what you draw in when you do so!  


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