Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil Anointing Oils House of Intuition
Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil Anointing Oils House of Intuition

Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil

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These magic anointing oils are all hand-blended by HOI healer, reader and teacher Ryan Trinh. More info

In plant magic and folklore, every herb has magical qualities that lends its power to any spiritual working when used.  It is in this vein that Ryan combines oils and magical herbs to craft these anointing oils to bestow a boost of botanical energy to any magical ritual.

Each blend is formulated with different herbs and oils in mind for the specific intention; these oils are also placed and blessed on Ryan’s altar, further infusing them with its desired magical goal.

Abundant Wellspring: 

Tap into the Abundant Wellspring that is all around us. This fresh-scented oil is set with the intention to help us in the realm of finances and abundance.  Great for money rituals of all sorts.

These are a great accompaniment to our magic candles to further enhance the work you are creating. These magic anointing oils are perfect for anyone who participates in ritual or intention setting.


You can use these hand-made oils to dress your candles, add a few drops to your bath, or anointing yourself - just dab on your third eye, your wrists, or wherever you feel guided.

We have created nine in total, programmed and formulated for the following intentions:

  • Aphrodite Redux: Love and Attraction
  • Abundant Springs: Money work and Money Attraction
  • Dearly Departed: Honor and work with the Ancestors
  • Sword and Shield: Protection and Clearing
  • Peaks of Victory: Success and Wisdom
  • Pathway Keys: Road Opening and Drawing Opportunities
  • Third Eye Opener: Increase Psychic Ability and Intuition
  • Hestia's Grace: Purify the self and home to invite peace
  • Drops of Lethe: Cut unhealthy past ties to allow rebirth and growth
  • Love Wins: Empowers strength, love, and gender expression in all its uniqueness

Discontinue if irritation should occur.  Keep out of reach from children and pets.

For more information on our different magical oils and how to use them, please read our article, Oils for Magical Rituals.

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