From the dawning of man to the modern age, the uses of oils in magic holds a special place in a variety of traditions.  Oils in magic can be used in their purest form as an expression of botanical ingredients or can be mixed together as a medium for specific formulaic intentions.  With their ability to carry fragrance and magical intentions, oils are a beautifully versatile tool that can be used on their own or used in conjunction with other tools in ritual. 


In our repertoire of oils, we have Essential Oils, Anointing Oils, and Burning Oils. Since we just launched a new collection of fragrant burning oils, we put together some information to help you learn about the different oils we make.


Essential oils are oils that are distilled from specific herbs through different methods that yield a fragrant and potent liquid that can be used for ritual or aromatherapy.  Bear in mind when using our essential oils topically, we always recommend that you dilute it with a carrier oil such as jojoba or fractionated coconut oil.


Anointing oils are our line of oils that have been formulated to bring about certain intentions through plant magic and can be used in a variety of traditions.  You can add a small drop onto your finger and rub it on the wax of your candle, or carefully add a drop to your candle to best fit your intention.  You can even mix it with our herbal bath bags to create a magical bathing ritual.


Burning oils are our new line of oils that are used in tea light diffusers to help set a tone for the room, both aromatically and magically.  With your tea light diffuser, you just need to add a small amount of the burning oil into the oil receptacle and place a lit tea light under the receptacle.  As the oil warms from the tea light, it’ll permeate through the room. Another way you can use the burning oil is to lightly add it to your candle much like the anointing oil. 


As a word of advice, when adding oil to your candles, less is always more, otherwise you run the risk of drowning the wick of your candle.


A lot of our clientele come in with concerns over the potential of an allergic reaction to our oils.  When there is a chance of an allergic reaction, we advise clients to not use the product and to avoid potential allergens for their safety.  


Hopefully this short primer on our line of oils will help illuminate and encourage the use of oils in your magical artistry.  

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