March 2020 Astrological Forecast


Keep a dream journal to capture desires, hopes and ambitions to guide you from the subconscious realm into conscious action.  


This month moves from one side of the spectrum to the other so prepare yourselves for the 180-degree change. We start under the grey cloud of Mercury Retrograde, feeling lethargic from the previous weeks of retrograde activity. With Mercury in Retrograde, there’s a little bit of confusion or fear of illusion around what we hope is possible.

Around the 5th of the month, you’ll feel more in tune with pleasure and being in nature. Be ready for surprises around love and money on the 8th. The full moon in Virgo on the 9th is good for going into workhorse mode and self-improvement. Discontinue any habits or practices that aren’t continuing to help deepen self-compassion. 

Mid-March there’s psychic energy when Mercury enters Pisces, and there’s potential for dreaming literally and metaphorically. On March 20th, a new cycle begins that speaks to our responsibility in the areas of supporting our communities, our friendships and organizations that support healing for all.

The new Moon in Aries gives us an equal and fiery balance of yin and yang energy. This energy gives us the power and passion to manifest the changes we envisioned when it comes to finances and values.


Blue Kyanite: Facilitates ease with communication and expression
Blue Goldstone: A stone for standing confidently in one’s truth
Grey Banded Agate: A stone to help balance yin and yang energies


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