February 2020 Astrological Forecast


Pay special attention to your feelings, both mental and physical this month.  Consult your body compass, as physical sensations are your natural first response and true guide.  Do not block or ignore.  Tap into physical cues first before consulting the mind.


Sensitive Pisces rules this period with Venus in Pisces at the beginning of the month, 2020's first Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and a New Moon in Pisces. Tap into emotions, sensitivities and your intuition to listen, meditate and guide you.

When we rest deeply, we feel the life energy gather inside us, renewing our physical and emotional bodies.  Using this newfound energy to foster bold new ideas to take better care of each other and Mother Earth. Daydream about change while Venus is in Pisces, in the beginning of the month. You may be feeling and sensing what you are empowered to change.

The Full Moon in Leo February 8th, is opposite the sun. This lunar release asks us to recognize where we are a little too self-centered and not heart-centered when it comes to communities, to spur genuine action.

The remainder of the month, Venus will be in Aries. This means putting our passions into action.

Mercury retrogrades from Pisces into Aquarius Feb. 16th - Mar. 9th and may cause trouble with expressing voice to what we are sensing. The Retrograde begins in shrouded truths or exaggeration to keep the truth concealed. Mercury is highly psychic when in Pisces, and Aquarius is focused on logic, data and patterns. This Retrograde is asking us to work on being truthful and clear; no matter how dramatic others respond and to not get complacent. Last year, Mercury went retrograde in Pisces. This year we may see the same themes return for a second chance to heal.

Crystal recommendations for February 2020

Blue Aquamarine: Calming stone to help ease self criticism and clear mental & emotional confusion.

Carnelian: Powerful ally for courage and confidence, aids your voice with bold and eloquent expression.

Blue Fluorite: Balances psychic awareness and supports ordered thinking.

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