Cleansing & purifying are terms often overheard at House of Intuition. Co-founder Marlene clarifies the difference between them - in relation to your body/aura - and the tools best suited for each:

Cleansing, for us, is about removing residue and stagnation.  House of Intuition products that cleanse are often created with ingredients like raw sugar, ultra epsom salt, and Himalayan sea salt to remove unnecessary debris that has attached itself to your outer aura.  We take the perspective that cleansing is also relative to you and how you would define an experience that revitalizes and restores your energy.  Some people may feel cleansed after sweating out the toxins and so yes, that’s also cleansing.  For us, it is the physical act of getting rid of residue AND cleansing your outer aura that creates the ultimate energy shift.

Purifying, for us, goes beyond the tangible.  Purifying is about dispelling negative energy and bringing in Spirit.  Just as cleansing is relative to how you feel in your body, purifying is relative to the ritual and space. To purify a space, you can use Palo Santo, essential oils, essential oil sprays, smudges, and more.  To purify your intent, you can use candles, incense, resins, dusting powders to do the work within to bring upon light, intention and call in Spirit.

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