January 2020 Astrological Report

Here is our monthly astrological forecast by Christa Westaway for January 2020.

Empowering month in which events and relationships catalyst us into making choices that center around progress.

Will we be emotionally ready to make these changes? The full moon invites us to make bold moves into aligning ourselves with people, places and projects that support the greater good.

An example that could show up is that the government flexes and the people must respond because their safety and values are triggered. The full moon in Cancer squares Mercury and the sun, so this shows honest and forthright conversations about our emotions and safety within the structures (Capricorn).

We’re also getting used to getting really grounded and tenacious with creating the changes we want to see. This means we may feel less than ready to leavev our safety zones, but will be drawn to committing ourselves to something that matters to us.

Around the new Moon in Aquarius, Mercury, the sun and the moon move into Aquarius, and this is when we’ve accepted that we must progress forward. The new moon in Aquarius has us opening up to what we desire. The moon at 4 degrees of Aquarius is very sensual and driven to receive what it desires.

Ignite your intuition:

The fresh energy of every new year makes it an ideal time to activate visualizations. Set the tone, find your way & purpose by imagining the important decisions you are facing as different paths. Close your eyes and meditate on what you come across, as each path splits and unfurls into the possible options you intuitively know will arise. Really feel your way along each path to help guide you to the decision you are to make.

Crystal recommendations:

Orange Calcite - Warmly encouraging stone for stimulating confidence, drive and joy as you energize for the year ahead.

Lithium Quartz - Calming stone to ease moodiness and clear the mind as you make decisions for your highest good. Not available online, but can be found at most of our stores.

Garnet - A strong anchor grounding crystal, provides protection for a supported healing journey within the next 365 day cycle.

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