New Moon in Capricorn & Solar Eclipse for December 2019

We welcome the new moon in Capricorn and its message to trust in our ability to discern how to create abundant changes that serve our highest good. Remind yourself that the Universe is always working on your behalf. Trust your inner wisdom to know what opportunities and relationships are worth your time, energy and resources, and you’re bound to notice the Universe at play around you with signs and serendipity that lead to success. What changes, opportunities and connections would you like to see? Dream big.

The eclipse is at 04 degrees and six seconds in Capricorn along with the New Moon. The eclipse is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, spirituality and luck. It’s also trine Uranus in Taurus, which can bring surprises or triggers having to do with finances and security. This is a special time that reminds us that when we set our higher selves to work at manifesting high vibrational relationships and experiences, the universe hears us. Not everyone sets their intentions from a higher mindset because they’re limited or blocked when it comes to faith or patience in the process. This solar eclipse will reveal our relationship to faith and from where in our hearts we manifest our next steps—fear or faith.

This eclipse will set the tone for growth, expansion and stability coming in the first half of 2020 so that we see the areas where we still need to mature and how much we’ve grown.

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