The perfect gift for every zodiac sign

We asked Christa Westaway, our in-house astrologer and healer to prepare a perfect list of gift ideas for every zodiac signs. Christa discovered her natural gift of understanding the energy behind Astrology and planets as a teenager. She now practices soul-centered Astrology, examining birth charts as an approach to self-acceptance and core healing. 



The comet, Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” in astrology, and shows us in our personal charts where we’re doing deep, spiritual healing work this lifetime. In our collective chart, Chiron is currently in Aries until 2026 and first entered there in 2018. This means, collectively, we’re learning to accept and harness the power of our egos and personal expression. While we’ve all felt this progression of this transit, Aries have been directly and deeply affected.

  • Blue Goldstone: Aries love sparkle and they can use the cool and calm that the gem provides, especially when it comes to creative expression.
  • HOI Balance Magic Candle: Firey, determined Aries needs the support of balanced energy so that they can make moves from a place of power rather than impulse.
  • HOI Rejuvenate Bath Bomb + Lavender essential oil: It’s been a year of change and insights for Aries in 2019, so gifting them bath and oils, offers them time for gentle self care.


Uranus, the planet of change, rebellion and disruption is currently in Taurus and will stay there until 2026, which means that we’re collectively experiencing huge shifts when it comes to their values and how and where they feel valued, but Taurus’s are feeling this lesson more rapidly and drastically. Taurus seeks comfort, pleasure, and stability, so this transit can bring unexpected changes that shake them into finding stability within rather than outside themselves. 


  • Divina Tarot Deck: Gemini’s love to learn and are endlessly curious, so give them something that will fascinate them.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Gemini’s are known for their constant movement and the business of their minds as Mercury is their ruling planet. A tiger’s eye gem or bracelet will ground and empower them to have mental focus and clarity.
  • HOI Lover’s Major Arcana Candle: The Lovers is Gemini’s major arcana archetype because they’re known as the twins. Give your Gemini a candle to remind them of their power to adapt and balance their energy.



The north node of the moon is currently in Cancer, which means collectively we’re learning to value our emotions and emotional safety. Cancer’s have felt the pressure of eclipses, which provide huge energy boosts in their evolution, and they’ve experienced blessings from the universe once they’ve accepted their need for safety and emotional wellness in all areas of life. 

  • HOI Healing Magic Candle: This year Cancer’s have experienced deep shifts supported by the north node of the moon and eclipses in their sign. Offer them blessings with the Healing Magic Candle to support their emotional and spiritual transformation process and overall health.
  • Morganite: Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, an emotional center point in a person’s astrological chart. Morganite gems or jewelry supports unconditional love and healing within the heart chakra.
  • HOI Protect Dusting Powder: Cancer’s profound empathy can overwhelm them when in the presence of others or in stressful environments. Protect dusting powder can help Cancer’s to guard their energy while still allowing love to flow to them if they sprinkle it in their bathwater or add it to a magic candle.


  • HOI Leo Zodiac Candle & The Sun matches: What’s a better gift to give a Leo than more Leo energy! Their love for self is boosted when the Leo astrological candle is lit. Leos are ruled by the Sun, so including the stylish Sun matches is a nice touch that your Leo is sure to appreciate.
  • Jade roller: A jade roller gives Leos, the kings and queens of the zodiac, some royal self-care treatment because Jade supports abundance and good luck.
  • HOI Major Arcana Strength Organic Toner: Leo’s embody their major arcana archetype, the strength card--an energy that integrates the courage to learn emotional endurance, facing fears and living from the heart. Remind them of their ability to hold grace under pressure and to face all obstacles with love by gifting them this a body spray they can use to eliminate negativity from their auras. The mixture of white willow bark and lemongrass fight inflammation which leads to illness and peppermint and jasmine energize and uplight one’s mood.


Garnet Pyramid



  • HOI Cleanse + Purify Kit: Virgos are good at setting a goal and organizing their next steps to attaining it. One way for a Virgo to feel empowered is to clear out the old before bringing in the new. With the Cleanse and Purify kit, your Virgo can release anything that stands in their way by purifying the energy in their homes or offices. Similarly, the road opener candle...
  • HOI Road Opener Magic Candle: The road opener magic candle removes blockages and makes a clear path for your Virgo to reach their intended goal. This candle has a supportive energy that ensures your Virgo won’t overextend themselves.
  • Garnet: Garnet is a stone of passion, commitment, and sincere devotion, all qualities that Virgos bring to their work and relationships. Garnet helps Virgos to return the love they give to others back to themselves by quieting self-criticism.



  • HOI Love Dusting Powder: Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, is Libra’s ruler, so giving the gift of love to your Libra will do them good. They can sprinkle love dust in the bath or in a candle to draw in and be surrounded with more love.
  • Threads of Fate Oracle Deck: The beauty, serenity and wisdom of this deck will capture the attention and interest of your Libra who can channel insight through intellect when inspiration. Within the Tarot, the Libra ruled card, Justice, stands for the balance of universal law and karma or fate. This deck reflects the brilliance and beauty of any Libraean. Not available at the HOI Online store.
  • Leather journal: Your Libra air sign has a way with words and communication and can benefit from writing down their reflections and insights. This leather-bound journal promises to ground and inspire Libras to share their innermost thoughts and feelings. Not available at the HOI Online store.




  • Smoky Quartz: With a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in our recent past, Scorpios have undergone a self-evaluation that digs deep. Give them a smoky quartz gem or bracelet to support the transmutation of negative, painful or repetitive feelings and thoughts into love.
  • I AM STRONG Affirmation Soy candle: HOI’s I Am Strong soy candle will brighten the hearts and personal spaces of your Scorpio after their Mercury retrograde experience. This candle will remind them of their strength and their ability to regenerate power on the daily.
  • HOI Yerba Santa Bundle + HOI Anew spray: Yerba Santa sage purifies spaces as well as any trapped harmful or long held emotions in the heart chakra. By lighting Yerba Santa followed by HOI’s Anew spray, your Scorpio can clear blockages and begin again with refreshed energy. HOI’s Anew spray uses essential oils and herbs like Lemon and Juniper to help purify and geranium and Grapefruit to uplift the spirit.


  • Dreamcatcher: Sagittarius is full of wanderlust and adventure, naturally seeking experiences around other cultures and integrating them into their personal philosophy or faith system. Dreamcatchers are beautifully woven pieces that remind us that we are universally connected and protected. They promise to catch negativity and bad dreams, helping your Sag to make moves freely and lightly. Not available in the HOI online store.
  • Oil burner + Sandalwood burning oil: Jupiter, Sagittarius’s home planet, embarked on a new twelve year journey through the Zodiac this month, and is now residing in Capricorn, the sign of work, self-discipline, and structure. Jupiter loves freedom and expansion, so it’s challenged when in restrictive, serious Capricorn. Sandalwood essential oil supports grounding, peacefulness and a sense of calm, which can balance and help tame the fire-drive of Sagittarius energy.
  • Medicine Woman Tarot Deck: Sagittarius’s have a natural sense of knowing that comes from their gut, which gives them a strong intuition. The Medicine Woman Tarot Deck invites your Sagittarius to practice one of their truest gifts--to seek truth. Sagittarius’s attraction and honor for world cultures makes this deck extra special for them.



Multiple planets and transits have taken place in Capricorn this year which shows evolutionary progress in our cultural, political, social and personal systems. Capricorns have carried much of the weight of this change with the energy of forced change and perhaps painful lessons.

  • HOI Success Magic Candle: No other zodiac sign finds as much relief and joy in achievement and success as Capricorn. Capricorns have the tenacity and intelligence to reach their highest goals, and what better way to show you care than to gift them a candle that boosts their progress and promotes confidence and growth!
  • Lepidolite: Earth signs can store stress and anxiety inside their physical bodies very easily, making sleep and rest challenging. Lepidolite promotes one’s highest potential while alleviating stress and depression, something Capricorns will find useful as they harness and direct all their energy into building and progress. Since Capricorns are so naturally grounded, Lepidolite gem or jewelry can help lift their energy.
  • HOI Money & Abundance Smudge Kit: A good way to teach your Capricorn person how to build a healthy ritual that can lessen anxiety and extreme groundedness is to gift your Capricorns with an HOI Money and Abundance kit. The kit makes the ritual of clearing one’s space and focusing attention toward one specific intention very simple, yet meaningful. Once they’ve purified their space wi th sage, they’ll invite abundance to them with the Ire Aye resin.


  • Salt lamp: It’s said that Aquarius beings come from a different plane of existence because of their electric and sometimes radical intellectual brilliance and eccentricities. A salt lamp gives Aquarius the opportunity to cleanse their space while finding peace with the soft glow it provides. With so much mental stimulation at all times, finding the soft glow of a salt lamp can offer their nervous systems a nice, peaceful break. Not available in the HOI Online Store.
  • HOI Star Major Arcana Candle: With a new Saturn transit coming in 2020, Aquarius will need to remember their unique qualities are meant to be shared with the world, and they must follow the beat of their own inner drummer in order to find peace and destined opportunities. The Star archetype in the Tarot represents Aquarius energy, and reminds us of the healing and reward that comes with following our soul’s longings.
  • Sodalite: Aquarius’s mental energy is unmatched by other signs, but this can mean that getting in tune with the voice of their hearts can be challenging. There can sometimes be a struggle between intellect and emotion in Aquarius people, so Sodalite, a stone that encourages the balance between both intellect and intuition, is perfect for them! Sodalite also promotes clear, rational communication about feelings.



  • HOI Moonlight bath: Give your water baby Pisces HOI Moonlight Bath to remind them of the ease and peace of resting and nourishing their physical and emotional bodies. Jasmin, Lavender and Raspberry leaf all promote relaxation and balance. Like other water signs, Pisces experience and process life through emotions, so cleansing their auras often is important to their overall health and stability.
  • Sound bowl: Sound bowls heal with vibrational frequencies that can repair on a cellular level, which is a perfect practice for Pisces because they are incredibly intuitive, and similar to other water signs, can absorb the emotions and intentions of those around them. Since Pisces has the most mature spiritual energy in the zodiac, they can act as transmutation conduits by purify their energy.
  • HOI ELEDAA Resin + small cauldron: Nurture your Pisces spiritual side by gifting them HOI’s Eledaa resin. Eladaa, a Yoruba expression that means “Creator,” is a resin that offers assistance with prayers, intentions and meditation.

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