Weekly Astrology Forecast I July 1: Your Neptune Retrograde Horoscope

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Mantra: “I open my eyes to what truly is real.” 

Another week, another retrograde! On Tuesday, Neptune—the Planet of Dreams, Fantasy, and Spirituality—begins its five-month retrograde. Between July 2nd and December 7th, Neptune’s hypnotizing effects diminish for all Zodiac signs, opening the door for significant realizations to arrive. Expect these eye-opening moments to take you deep down memory lane, as Neptune is having us review its entire journey in the sign of Pisces, which began back in 2012! Below is what you can expect to feel during this retrograde - check both, your Rising as well as Sun sign. 

Aries: Besides feeling more awake, this retrograde helps you be discerning and truly zoom into the spiritual practices that will continue to develop your spiritual awakening. 

Taurus: You might realize that some friendships (or social groups) are no longer in line with your values, most likely fading away from your life. 

Gemini: Major realizations concerning your career will arrive now. If your job feels misaligned with your soul path, you might consider making drastic changes soon. 

Cancer: Life might feel a bit dull as Neptune’s hypnotizing effects on you are canceled, waking you up to certain realities about the world around you. 

Leo: You might become extra sensitive to the energy of others. Neptune’s lesson around intimacy might ask you to establish well-defined boundaries within your closest relationships.  

Virgo: An important relationship comes under the microscope as eye-opening realizations arrive during this retrograde. Allow yourself to see the actual truth! 

Libra: If you’ve felt confusion around your workload, this retrograde clears the mental fog you’ve been in. Planning for the future now is a safer bet. 

Scorpio: A new friendship or relationship could end its “honeymoon phase” now, asking you to decide its future. Will you stay or will you go? 

Sagittarius: Major realizations about your childhood, home, or family dynamics are in store. While shocking, they can instigate the processing of old feelings and situations.  

Capricorn: This retrograde clarifies how you express yourself, which is great news. During these months, you can trust that your messages are being delivered as they should. 

Aquarius: You gain clarity around your financial situation, making the next few months ideal for establishing a well-defined plan to either save money or eradicate debt. 

Pisces: You should feel more awake and less sensitive to other people’s energies. A groundbreaking realization about your identity is also in store, so pay attention! 


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