Weekly Astrology Forecast I June 24: Your Saturn Retrograde Horoscope

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By Narayana Montúfar 

On Saturday (Saturn’s Day), June 29th at 12:07 p.m. PST, Saturn - the Planet of Time and Karma - goes retrograde in Pisces. From now until November 15th, Saturn’s celestial job is to mix the past with the present and the future to bring us some of the most valuable lessons concerning our careers, responsibilities, and overall life mastery. During these four and a half months, we get to review everything we have learned in the area of our birth charts ruled by Pisces. Below is what this retrograde means for you, according to your Rising sign. 

Aries: You will review the progress you’ve made concerning deepening your spiritual practice, which involves trusting your intuition more and getting rid of old attachments. 

Taurus: Creating a community that truly aligns with your value system has been a priority. Now, you get to inspect if the groups you belong to will last. 

Gemini: Building a career that aligns with the legacy you want to leave behind has been your motto. How is that going so far? 

Cancer: You’ve been learning a new practice, hobby, or new way of existing in the world. Retrograde Saturn invites you to count your wins. 

Leo: Saturn in Pisces has meant leaving out control and trusting more in the natural flow of events. How does it feel to flow more? 

Virgo: Defining, understanding, and catalyzing your most important relationships has been tough homework. Which connections need to go and which ones get to stay with you? 

Libra: Learning to listen to your body more has been a slow process, especially with long hours of work. This retrograde invites you to deepen your effort. 

Scorpio: The acquisition of new talents has been your biggest learning, now with Saturn retrograde, you get to put these talents to the test. 

Sagittarius: Building a strong foundation for your personal life has meant going down memory lane. Now, you get to realize why processing your past first was necessary. 

Capricorn: Learning to express your thoughts and feelings hasn’t been easy, but the results have been extraordinary. Are you ready to go even deeper? 

Aquarius: Financial responsibility is currently one of your learnings, whether you’re paying debt off or saving for a rainy day. How many more strategies can you learn? 

Pisces: Building a stronger you - spiritually, physically, or mentally - has meant prioritizing yourself. Saturn now challenges you to not get discouraged and keep going. 


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