Elevate Your Career Visibility with this Capricorn Full Moon Spell

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By Narayana Montúfar 

Right after the arrival of the Summer Solstice 2024, the first Full Moon of the Summer arrives on June 21st at 6:08 p.m. PST. Before fully sinking into a spirit of fun Summer, this lunar event urges us to take stock of our career ambitions. The Sun is now in Cancer and today, the Moon sits exactly across from it, in the sign of Capricorn. Known for its maturity and serious demeanor, Capricorn is concerned with success and goal-setting. But at a deeper level, it strives to build long-term personal legacy and visibility. 

Contrary to what most people think, manifesting with Capricorn energy is not necessarily about looking into the future. Due to both Cancer and Capricorn being about “remembering the past,” the trick now is to awaken our magic by becoming conscious (and grateful) about how far we’ve come. By looking back, instead of forward, we move away from pre-established expectations. Some mystics call this “manufactured manifestation,” which in the end, breaks the flow of events. A more natural type of manifestation occurs when we sink into a feeling of gratitude for what we’ve already accomplished. At this Capricorn Full Moon, congratulating yourself for your accomplishments creates a spell that promises to unleash future career visibility. 

Capricorn Full Moon Visibility Spell

You will need incense, a piece of Fluorite, a green candle, matches, pen, and paper. 

Begin by taking your ritual tools to a quiet place, preferably where you can be alone and connect with the light or reflection of the Full Moon. Light your incense and clear every single one of your items as you imagine a green bubble of protection surrounding your entire space. 

Next, light the green candle and while holding the piece of Fluorite in your non-dominant hand, answer the following questions: 

  • In the past five years, name two of your biggest career wins and elaborate about how you feel about them.
  • If you are a numbers-oriented type, list sales, clients, and even followers. 
  • During this same time period, who have been your greatest allies when it comes to guiding your path? Think bosses, mentors, coaches, or collaborators. 
  • What role has your professional life played in making your mark in the world?

Next, read your responses while reliving these sweet moments for as long as it feels right. Snuff the candle, thank your crystal, and leave the list near the area where you normally work. 


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