Crystal Magic: Carnelian

Carnelian crystal magic
Carnelian is a shiny reddish stone, a type of orange Chalcedony. It’s name comes from the Latin carnis, meaning flesh, a reference to the various skin tones Carnelian can resemble, from blood red to dark brown. Traditionally, Carnelian is known as a stone of courage, motivation and endurance.  


Associated with the metaphysical element Fire, Carnelian energizes and initiates action. It’s considered masculine for this power to encourage the pursuit of goals. Ruled by the Sun, Carnelian is most powerful at sunset and is charged with life-giving solar energy.  


Carnelian is associated with the first three chakras, as it provides energy that is useful for survival (the root chakra); sex, passion and creativity (the navel chakra); and the power to fuel the physical body (the solar plexus chakra). Problems associated with any of these chakras can be managed with Carnelian. Survival issues may mean a difficulty finding or keeping jobs and general financial insecurity. Creative blocks or problems with the libido or impotence can also be treated using Carnelian. Solar plexus problems may result in a general lack of energy, stamina and strength.  


Carnelian can improve mood, stimulate activity and motivate. Protection against black magic, evil eyes, and other negative energies are also one of Carnelian’s secondary qualities. Carnelian is especially useful when you’re having a temper tantrum and need to calm down and relax. 


Wear Carnelian as a low-hung talisman, ideally just above your solar plexus which is located at the soft spot below where the rib cages meet, directly below your sternum. You can also wear Carnelian as a ring or in a pouch. 


To choose the right Carnelian, select one that looks good. Hold it in your left hand and press it against your belly. If it feels good, ask aloud or mentally if that particular stone would like to work with you. If it still feels good, bring it home and wash it under cold water. Set it under direct sunlight for three consecutive days. After that, hold it in your right hand and press it against your belly. Inhale as you visualize energy coming into your body through your breath. Exhale as you visualize that energy beaming into the stone. As you energize the stone with your breath, imagine its effect in your life and enjoy that feeling. When you’re done, your stone will be ready to bring you that outcome. 

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