Numerology: Life Path Numbers

Numerology and Life Path Numbers
Numerology is a branch of magical study involving the occult significance of numbers. Number magic is woven into the fabric of the universe and like the stars in astrology or the palm in palmistry, numbers can be used for divination and determining the true nature of reality. The earliest mathematicians were also the last of the magicians, as many early scientists were initiated into occult orders of their day.  


In Numerology, the Life Path Number is the sum of a person’s birthday and it indicates the general trajectory of that individual’s life. Similar to Sun signs in astrology, the Life Path Number will show someone’s general personality traits and characteristics. These traits may suggest ideal careers and lifestyles. 


To calculate your Life Path Number, add together your birth day, month and year. Using the birthday August 10th, 2015, we would start with 8, 10 and 2,015. Now, before we add these numbers together, we want to reduce them by adding the digits of each number together until we get a single digit number. For 2,015, we would add together 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8. For 10, we would add 1 + 0 = 1. And 8 stays 8, leaving us with 8, 1 and 8. Now, adding these digits together, we get 8 + 1 + 8 = 17. And then 17 reduces to 1 + 7 = 8. So, the Life Path Number of someone born on August 10, 2015 would be 8.  


Calculate your own Life Path Number by reducing each of the digits in your birthday until they’re all single digits, and then add those digits together until you get a single number again. The result will be your Life Path Number. 


There are a couple of exceptions to these rules. If you reduce all the numbers to 11, 22 or 33, you do not reduce any of these numbers further. Rather than adding 1 + 1 and 2 + 2 or 3 + 3, you would stop at 11, 22 or 33 because these are considered Master Numbers. 


Here are summaries of each of the Life Path Numbers: 


1. Ones are independent, motivated and self-initiating. They have a lot of drive to succeed and are known for being action oriented. They are strong leaders, and are often successful entrepreneurs, businesspeople or managers. Ones are busy and active, constantly moving and likely athletic. 
2. Twos are lovers, driven by a desire for union, harmony and peace. They are peaceful and diplomatic, compromising and balanced. They value partnership and cooperation over competition. Twos value relationships more than individuality and see how things are connected rather than separate.
3. Threes are performers and master communicators. To Threes, the whole world is an audience. Threes make great performers of all kinds: actors, singers, comedians, musicians, even politicians and bureaucrats. Threes are very creative and constantly trying to impress, which can also make it difficult for them to connect on an individual level.
4. Fours are stable, secure and traditional. They seek the stability of home and the four walls of structure. They put their family, home and environment first. Family is the most important thing to Fours. Fours like order and organization and are very effective at getting things done through conventional means. 
5. Fives seek change, novelty and adventure. Anything new and fun is exciting to Fives. Fives are always renewing, renovating, and reinventing themselves and their lives. Fives hate stability and are bored by routine, so they succeed in careers that involve travel, novelty and being on the move. 
6. Sixes are nurturers. Intuitive and emotionally empathic, Sixes are sensitive to others feelings and they are always taking care of people. They could successfully run or manage companies and organizations, since they take this role in their personal lives. Sixes are caretakers, healers and overseers. 
7. Sevens are intellectual, cerebral and introverted. Interesting in knowledge and information above all, Sevens are avid learners, often more interested in books than people. Sevens seek to explore terrains of knowledge and abstract concepts, making them amazing thinkers. Sevens excel at jobs where they can use their minds, study & learn, and spend most of their time alone. 
8. Eights are successful, financially-minded people. Eights are adept at creating and keeping wealth. Sometimes, money seems to find them. Eights can become too concerned with money, even though it seems to flow so naturally to lucky Eights. Eights believe in luck and are optimists for the good fortune they witness in their lives. Eights can seek careers in business, trading, stocks and anything involving risk. 
9. Nines are about leadership, service and walking the talk. Nines represent themselves through their actions, which they let speak louder than their words. Nines don’t talk about their ideas or their feelings, but their lifestyle and activities demonstrates what they are about and what they value. Nines make excellent volunteers, community organizers, coaches, teachers, and any professions involve dedicated service. 
There is no 10 Life Path Number because 10 would reduce to 1.  
11. Elevens are Master Teachers who are here to guide and mentor others. Elevens have a deep understanding of the nature of reality and they act as teachers for the rest. Elevens make great mystics, sages, philosophers and preachers. They are visionaries who see things as they are and are able to help others do the same. The specifics of an Eleven’s life will align with the Two Life Path Number, with the Master Number affecting the broader events of one’s life. 
22. Twenty-Twos are Master Builders who can co-create reality. They can manifest their ideas, make their dreams into realities. They have only to desire something and it is there. Twenty-Twos live charmed lives, blissfully unaware that reality is not so responsive to everybody else’s desires. Twenty-Twos are the big movers and shakers of society and culture, the creative innovators who propel entire generations forward. The specifics of a Twenty-Two’s life will align with the Four Life Path Number, with the Master Number affecting the broader events of one’s life. 
​33. Thirty-Threes are Master Healers who can feel others' pain and help eliminate it. Thirty-Threes are advocates, presidents and great leaders who can heal collective wounds. Thirty-Threes are illumined masters who can see that physical reality is subordinate to the spiritual reality. Thirty-Threes are meant to heal problems within themselves, their families and their communities. The specifics of a Thirty-Three life will align with the Six Life Path Number, with the Master Number affecting the broader events of one’s life. 

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