Crystal Magic: Epidote

Epidote Crystal Magic


Epidote is a display mineral made of long, dark crystals that are often interconnected, making them beautiful altar pieces. Found around the world, Epidote comes in a variety of colors from yellowish-green to greenish-black.  


Epidote is known as an amplifier of energy and is especially useful for adding extra charge to other crystals. Epidote is like a magnifier or an energy enhancer for other stones. If you want to aid one of your other crystals in their work, set some Epidote beside it and watch as its power is sent into overdrive. 


As an amplifier of energy, Epidote can work both ways. It can amplify good fortune as well as bad. Positive thinking patterns will be enhanced and intensified, but so will negative thinking patterns, so be careful with this stone. Unless your intentions are very clear, you may not like the results you get. In this manner, Epidote acts as a sort of mirror, showing you an exaggerated reflection of whatever you bring to it. For this reason, it’s wise to use Epidote in conjunction with other crystals that may set the tone for your work and allow Epidote to act merely as a magnifier of their energy. 


Epidote is especially useful for clearing negative energy and encouraging spiritual growth. Epidote can highly enhance your spiritual vibration and help you to perceive the realm of spirits and energy. Epidote is grounding and enlightening at the same time, making it great during times of mental anxiety. 


Healers often use Epidote to deal with congestion, inflammation and other blockages in the body. Epidote can stimulate the immune system and other functions in the physical body. 


Because of its grounding qualities, Epidote can help you attune to nature and to the spirit of the Earth. This grounding energy can be especially useful for those who live in the city, or have little contact with nature. 


Epidote is also useful for treating depression, anxiety and other negative thinking patterns that may be fostering hopelessness. Holding in the right hand during meditation can help absorb some of these negative energies from your subtle body. 


To choose the right Epidote, pick up a crystal that looks good to you. Hold it in your left hand against your belly and if it feels good, mentally ask it if it wants to work with you. If it still feels good, bring the stone home and wash it under cold water. Set it under direct sunlight for three days, and then hold it in your right hand against your belly. Breathe into the stone as you visualize energy moving into your body and then into the stone through your belly. As you breathe into the stone, visualize the outcome you envision the crystal helping you achieve. After a few minutes, know that your stone is ready to work. Set it on your altar, carry it in a pouch or wear as a talisman, amulet or ring. 

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