Crystal Magic: Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Crystal Magic


Green Aventurine is considered a stone of good luck.  


Primarily a quartz crystal with flecks of mica, Green Aventurine is named after the Italian glass a ventura, which means, “by chance,” because the glass was made accidentally when someone dropped metal filings into melting glass. The stone had a similar iridescent quality, so it was named after the famously shimmering Italian glass. 


Green Aventurine is a very lucky power object. Just being near it can encourage opportunities to manifest on your path. Wearing Aventurine can be especially useful in competition, sport or gambling. Aventurine works by boosting the odds in your favor. So whether you are trying to land a new job while competing against many applicants, or are betting it all down at the racetracks, Green Aventurine can be your good luck charm. 


The stone is especially lucky for athletes performing in competitive sports, as it can give them an edge over their opponents. In matters of romance, Green Aventurine can boost your chances of finding the one on fewer dates and help you avoid the duds.  


With a strong connection to the Earth and elemental spirits, Green Aventurine is a very good natured stone, promoting positivity, optimism and good humor. Green Aventurine also enhances leadership qualities, but in a warm, fatherly way rather than an aggressive, dictatorial way. If you are in a management or leadership position and struggle with striking a balance between being taken seriously and being a commanding leader, then Green Aventurine can help you achieve both. 


As a stone of chance, Green Aventurine should be worn or carried into any situation where odds & probabilities may be out of your control. Any situation where luck is a factor, Green Aventurine can help boost the odds in your favor. Green Aventurine is also a good stone for travelers who seek novel, interesting experiences. Since Green Aventurine is a road opener, it can create unexpected opportunities for you while you are abroad. But Green Aventurine is not necessarily a protection stone for travelers; instead, it invites lucky opportunities like a free place to stay, free tickets to a once-in-a-lifetime event, or an invitation to a secret party.  


As a quartz crystal, Green Aventurine can help absorb harmful environmental pollution and cell phone radiation. Attaching the stone to a cell phone is a common way to reduce the potential negative side effects of prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation. 


Green Aventurine can also brighten up a moody disposition as it promotes optimism, cheerfulness and a positive sense of humor. For use as a mood stabilizer, wear Green Aventurine as a necklace over the heart or solar plexus.  


To choose the right Green Aventurine, pick one that looks appealing to you. Hold it in your left hand and press it against your belly. If it doesn’t feel good, move onto the next until you find one that feels good. Then bring it home, wash it under cold water and leave it under direct sunlight for three consecutive days. After that, hold the stone in your right hand and press it against your belly. Take deep, intentional breaths as you visualize pulling energy into your center and out through your belly into the stone. After a few minutes of breathing energy into the stone, your Green Aventurine will be ready to go. Green Aventurine works better the closer you are to it, so it’s recommended that you wear it as a ring, talisman or necklace, or carry it in a pouch.  

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