Unbinding Spell: Magic for Addiction & Weight Loss

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Magic Spell for Addiction and Weight Loss


Magic is useful for every aspect of our lives, even the physical level. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to break certain physical habits. It can be difficult to change existing patterns in our diet or exercise routine. Many of us suffer from addictions, addictive or obsessive behavior, or just can’t seem to free ourselves from certain negative situations or circumstances. When these perpetual cycles trap us in patterns that are no good for us, an Unbinding Spell can help.  


Unbinding Spells work to separate you from the negative condition, habit or vice you’re having trouble quitting. Unbinding Spells can assist in breaking an addiction or losing weight. Unbinding Spells can be used on yourself or someone else. For example, if a loved one is suffering from a self-destructive addiction, an Unbinding Spell may help push them in the right direction and free them from the negative cycle. But always keep in mind, when working magic for other people, its always best to get their permission beforehand. Otherwise, you are working against their free will which will decrease the odds of your success. 


An Unbinding Spell is essentially an extreme form of banishing, so it’s best to time it with the last few days of the moon cycle. The three nights before the New Moon, or the Dark Moon, is an ideal time for banishing that which no longer serves you. If you can’t wait, then anytime after the Full Moon before the New Moon will work. 


Obtain two candles, one black and one white. If you are working on behalf of someone else, then acquire a totem of them. The best totem is a lock of hair, fingernails or toenails, but a picture or an object they’ve touched will suffice.  


Place the totem by the white candle at the center of your altar, or on a window sill. Set the black candle next to it, to the West or toward the nearest window. 


On a loose leaf paper, write down the outcome you desire as if it’s already a fact. So, if you are trying to lose weight, write, “I am healthy, fit and weigh about such-and-such amount.” Or, if you are trying to quit smoking, write, “I am free from my addiction to cigarettes.”  If casting the spell for someone else, then just use their full name in the third person: “John Henry Smith is clean and sober.” 


Tear up the page into seven, nine, eleven or thirteen pieces, depending on the intensity of the situation. For self-improvement purposes, seven or nine will do. But for more serious addictions and deeply-ingrained habits, you’ll probably need the full thirteen. Place the crumpled pieces of paper in a row next to the black candle, heading West or toward the nearest window. 


Light both candles. Meditate, visualizing on the outcome you desire. Imagine that you are free from your addiction and really try to feel what that’s like. Indulge in the feeling of freedom from your vices, and then burn the paper nearest the black candle. Move the black candle one space away from the white candle. 


On the next night, meditate upon your outcome again, and when you’re done, burn the next piece of paper. Move the black candle one more space away from the white candle. In this manner, continue for seven, nine, eleven or thirteen nights, each night meditating upon the outcome you desire, burning one of the pieces of paper, and moving the black candle another space away from the white candle. Continue until all of the pieces of paper have been burned, and the black candle and white candle are far apart from one another. You may need multiples of each candle to burn for enough nights.  


Take the remnants of the spell—the ash from the burnt paper, and any candle wax that may be remaining—and dispose of them in a ritual manner. For old obsessions and addictions, you’ll want to bury the remnants. For diet, exercise or other self-improvement goals, you can toss the remnants into a running body of water.  


The spell will likely take a full moon cycle to reach completion. For intense addictions, success may take even longer. As the New Moon grows over the coming month, use the Moon as a totem to remind you of your goal. As the Moon reaches fullness and wanes back to invisibility, know that your addiction is being brought to the surface and cast away.  


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