Crystal Visions: 5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Smoky Quartz This Summer

Smoky Quartz Crystal
Smoke gets in your eyes. But smoky quartz will help give you both clarity and grounding through these troubling times.
At our House of Intuition stores, many people are gravitating towards the brownish-black allure of the smoky quartz. Within this multifaceted crystal is a way to meditate on the dark and light aspects of life. The yin and the yang. The shadow and the light. The two sides of everything that we must embrace for true balance.
Especially this summer, when the world seems at odds all around us, and us human beings are desperately trying to connect with our spiritual selves in order to find some peace and equilibrium. 
5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Smoky Quartz
1) Protection and illumination. Many crystals only work with one aspect of our being. Smoky Quartz teaches us that in order to radiate, we also must root. It's important to keep yourself grounded when you're on a spiritual journey, because the deeper you go into it, the more sensitive you become to outside influences. 
2) Stone of Power. Used in the ancient Druid culture, Smoky Quartz was a profound tool for earthbound magic, especially as tools for both psychic and physical protection. This quartz would decorate the weapons of Scottish warriors. While we don't recommend brandishing a weapon, think of smoky quartz as a psychic sword that will help cut through any emotional debris or attachments you need to let go of. 
3) Relieves anxiety and depression. If you're prone to highs and lows, or just immersed in shadow work that has dampened your inner light a bit, Smoky Quartz helps to work through those feelings without denying that a dark side exists. So much depression and anxiety is rooted in subconscious trauma. Smoky Quartz will root that out and then help give you an understanding of why these moments are necessary for your spiritual and psychological evolution. We know. Deep stuff. Which is exactly the point of Smoky Quartz. Need more help? Try our amazing lavender oil in a diffuser or carrier oil. 
4) Alleviate night terrors and nightmares. Just a tiny bit of smoky quartz will help filter out your negative or crazy dreams and turn them into something you can learn from--or just help give you a relaxing night's sleep! 
5) Keeps you moving during transition. Change is everywhere around us these days. Certain personalities might feel like giving up--or getting stuck in a rut. Smoky Quartz gives you the strength to persevere. Our Road Opener candle is also a good way to stay on track. 
What's your favorite way to use smoky quartz? Tell us in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram at @houseofintuition. 

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