Magic Candle Spotlight: Success

Success Magic Candle
"Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so."-Anonymous 
What does success mean to you? To some people success means making lots of money, being recognized in their field as someone who knows what they're doing or just having all their dreams come true.
To other people, success is a more ephemeral idea, or even a more simple one. Success is getting up in the morning. Success is putting down that cookie when you're trying to lose weight. Success is cooking yourself dinner instead of ordering take-out. Success is getting in your car and getting a magic candle! 
For us, success is all about two very important things: action and intention. Do you believe the future can be better and are you willing to put in the physical, emotional, spiritual and magical energy to make it that way? Yes? Good! You're already on your way to accomplishing what you need--our Success candle is just a way to magnify that energy. 
Want to make your journey into cultivating success an extra powerful one? Take some tips from us before and after lighting your Success intention candle
1) Write down what success means to you. Does success mean money or happiness? Does it mean fame or family? Is your idea of success simple or complex? Make sure you clarify that before setting your intention so that you can be very specific about what you want. 
2) Think about dressing your candle with herbs or oils. House of Intuition carries lots of different herbs and oils that cultivate success like our Ire Aye or patchouli, basil or cinnamon oil. You don't need to dress your candle, but sometimes the ritual can help you feel even more connected to what success means to you. 
3) Create a success and gratitude journal. As your candle is burning (and for a few months afterwards), keep track of your daily successes and write down all the blessings you are grateful for. This helps you understand the meaning of success, for you personally, on a much deeper level. It also helps show you all the magic that is constantly unfolding! Be present for it. 
4) Share your success with others. Part of being successful is helping others create success. Magic is on your side right now. Be a magician! Share good things with others and good things will be shared with you in return. 
Once your candle is done, collect the crystals you receive at the bottom and carry them around to remind you just how successful you are and how successful you can become. All the potential is inside you! Our Success candle just helps let it flow out. Get one here, or at any of our three stores. 
How do you cultivate success in your life? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on Instagram: @houseofintuition. 

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