Dear Leo - An Insight Into Yourself

Leo (July 22nd - August 22nd)

Dear Leo,

You’re made of fiery courage, a boldness to be you and express your truth and uniqueness with the way you choose to live your life. To betray yourself would be the worst crime of all, as you are your biggest cheerleader. But that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the encouragement and validation of those around you! You are comfortable with the state and beauty of your own heart, and that gives others permission to follow their own hearts too. You are a protector and will not back down from a confrontation that involves those you love. Your leadership qualities shine brightest when you share your warmth and you are generous and fair with others. 

Your special day of the week is Sunday, so cultivate a sacred ritual to celebrate yourself every week!

May Leo season bring you opportunities to express your personal flair and genuine heart.

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