Weekly Astrology Forecast 7/19

We open a new week by welcoming a second new moon in Cancer. The new moon comes without an eclipse to accompany it, so before opening to new beginnings that typically come with new moons, use this special time to reflect on what has ended for you since the first new moon in Cancer on June 20th. We’re being given another opportunity to take gentle care of ourselves through the many changes we’ve opened ourselves up to over the last month. If you’ve had to repress your emotions out of guilt or a sense of responsibility, now is the time to honor them and to let them take you to your next step. Be sure to check up on your strong friends this week to offer them your support and care as there could be a temptation for some of our loved ones to isolate. As the week progresses, the Sun enters the sign of Leo, a fire sign that leads the way forward straight from the heart’s core. With the sun in Leo, we have the opportunity to shine and express ourselves unapologetically, and to connect with our youthfulness. Unexpected conversations about our feelings and heightened senses have a way of popping up and surprising us later in the week. Intuitive abilities are strengthened by the energy in the sky, so listen to your soul speak as you might have inklings about what’s to come in your near future.

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