House of Intuition Brings Progressive Metaphysical Outpost to Orange County
at Costa Mesa’s The LAB Anti-Mall
Metaphysical powerhouse House of Intuition launches first Orange County location within the unconventional Anti-Mall enclave.


JULY 22, 2020 – COSTA MESA, CA — Marking a milestone 10-year anniversary, House of Intuition, the leading powerhouse of the metaphysical wellness movement, is launching its first magical outpost in Orange County on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.  


Located at 2930 Bristol Street in Costa Mesa CA, House of Intuition @ The LAB Anti-Mall will serve as a culturally inclusive, welcoming metaphysical oasis, providing the knowledge and resources you need to begin or enhance your spiritual journey.  With magic intention candles, hand-picked crystals, house-blended anointing oils and all-natural herbs designed to activate all 6 senses, this progressive outpost will provide opportunities to see, touch, and feel House of Intuition’s powerful ritual and self-care offerings in person.


House of Intuition founders, LGBTQ+ Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo, partnered with counterculture pioneer, Linda Sadeghi, to bring their transformational and empowering endeavor to The LAB Anti-Mall.  “We are excited to share our culture of intention, spirituality, healing and wellness in this vibrant community. This store was designed to be a haven for inspirational ritual tools to best harness every individual’s unique energy, no matter what your religion or belief system may be,” said Naranjo.


It is a well-aligned pairing. The LAB began its similarly trailblazing journey over 25 years ago in the heart of Orange County’s suburbia to combat retail monotony when it was upcycled from a night vision goggle factory to a creative mashup of commercial and creative endeavors that encompassed retail, art and dining. “We welcome the energy of House of Intuition to the family of LAB entrepreneurs, especially in a year of reinvigorating our roots as a community art colony. This couldn’t be more timely in a year of historic events!” said Sadeghi


In the vein of creativity well matched to artistic works found throughout The LAB, the storefront is symbolically emblazoned with a signature House of Intuition hand-painted mural depicting The World - a Major Arcana Card from the Tarot. At every store, the mural focal point drives the energy and specific blessing intended by House of Intuition for the community. This particular mural depicts an angelic being standing within a circle wreath, symbolizing protection and an infinite portal for new beginnings and shedding of the past. The World Card represents the channeled connection between the Divine (spiritual source) and the human experience. 


“May we remind our community of our power to enact change and create possibility together with higher guidance from the spiritual energy living inside each of us,” said Vargas. “Our mission from the start has been to help others feel hope when they feel hopeless; to feel powerful when they feel defeated; and to bring intention within when people are seeking outside of themselves,” said Naranjo.  


House of Intuition will officially open its door opening in Costa Mesa on Wednesday, July 22nd, timed right after the New Moon, which astrologically represents the beginning of a new cycle and auspicious possibilities.  Social distancing guidelines and mask requirements will be protectively in place.  


As a special feature for this store, HOI will have exclusive giveaways and hopes to bring their unique Aura Photography with HOI’s traveling Aura Camera Booth before another COVID 19 shutdown. The original Coggins AuraCam6000 utilizes vintage discontinued Fujifilm 100C film to capture analog polaroid-type instant Aura photographs with a signature "out of this world" feel.  Stay tuned on social media as we announce Aura Camera updates. In addition, House of Intuition will be offering a curated Creativity Box containing signature altar tools, luxury Affirmation “I AM” and “Bless Me” Soy Candles, and early access to the newest collection of Intention Crystal Grids.


House of Intuition Costa Mesa will be open 11:00am to 7:00pm, every day, for in-store shopping.  Virtual shopping appointments and curb-side pick up via online will also be available.  


For more information, visit or email, and follow along on Instagram @houseofintuition @houseofintuitioncrystals & Facebook @houseofintuitionla.


About House of Intuition 

Celebrating a milestone 10th Anniversary in 2020, House of Intuition was founded by LGBTQ LatinX couple Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo in 2010 when they opened their first store location in Los Angeles, California. House of Intuition is a metaphysical shop dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth. At its heart, HOI is a women-run, POC family business - built to welcome all.  HOI offers in-depth classes on Tarot, Celestial Events, Psychic Development and more featuring an incredible community of teachers, healers and empaths and online video streaming with HOI.TV. In addition to their metaphysical services, HOI boasts an array of magical items such as hand-picked crystals, all-natural herbs, bath and beauty products, and dressed magic candles. There are eight brick and mortar locations around the greater Los Angeles area, one in Miami, as well as a growing online shop. 


About The LAB Anti-Mall 

The LAB, an acronym for Little American Business, was born over 25 years ago as an escape from suburban retail monotony. Formerly a night-vision google factory, the Anti-Mall has since embraced a vibrant community of lovers of art, music, fashion and artisan and healthful cuisine. Creativity and connection are the foundation of The LAB and the indoor-outdoor space is brimming with purposeful boutiques, local and international dining, and personal wellness services. In addition to art installations featuring local artists and innovative concepts, The LAB hosts an array of creator focused events like maker’s marts, open-mic nights and community art projects. The LAB recently celebrated over 25 years of Anti-Mallism and is looking ahead to the next 25!

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