Weekly Astrology for 7/26

This week asks us to focus on balancing ourselves. We start the week in asking ourselves how we can bring our spiritual selves to the systems that we’ve built in our lives. We’re seeking our spiritual missions. We can spend the first part of the week researching or learning about ways we can uncover the deeper meaning or purpose behind what we do, and we can find ourselves struggling with wanting to concentrate on the facts rather than rely on our intuition or fantasies. No matter how much information we want to gather, strong feelings are involved in decision making, so ask your higher self to guide you forward with clarity. If you’re feeling sensitive, share yourself with others when it’s safe to do so rather than to accidentally take things personally. Acknowledge what’s tender and the safety defenses you have built to guard that part of yourself instead of focusing your energy on what others are doing to you. As the week goes on, notice if there is a balance between what you need emotionally and tending to your responsibilities or feeling overwhelmed. This is an opportunity to share what you need with others so that you can feel supported by those who love and care for you. Some will experience a happy reward or recognition for a job well done making them feel appreciated. This can be a transcendent week energetically and spiritually for those who are in tune with their intuition and the power of their sensitivities.

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