August 2020 Astrological Forecast


Use creative hobbies and outlets to release inner emotions and to help find original ideas. Paint, sculpt, experiment with different mediums of expression. Anything that will cause your mind to think in a new framework allows for originality and unleashes your intuition.


The month of August 2020 is sure to shake things up for us on personal and collective levels. This month centers around themes having to do with creativity, expression, rebellion, financial security, and freedom. Expect to hear the voices of those who have remained suppressed or have gone too long without having their basic needs met. We’re invited to heal our inner children, the part of us that is immature, selfish, aggression or in fear of healthy confrontation. Opportunities will present themselves for us to follow our individual hearts and express what’s in them, which is the medicine of integrating deep insights we’ve downloaded in the previous two or three months. Some will feel drawn to be around groups or with friends and to share in some romance and play even though they may also carry anxiety about health, money and safety. Keep in mind that some in the collective will want to be more involved in group dynamics than they have been in awhile, especially politically, and there could be a risk or temptation to overdo it. This can lead to too many people trying to lead, speak or share at once, and this can cause chaos and confusion, so remember to do your research and listen to your inner guide. Many people have left or changed jobs, or moved homes and some moved back to home, so questions and concerns about money or financial security on a personal and collective level may come up this month. Remind yourself that we are all in the process of uprooting our attachment to financial systems and outdated beliefs around wealth and success to make room for innovation. It’s a process, and can be an uncomfortable one. Channel your discomfort into learning or creating something new for yourself in ways that won’t deplete your resources. Creative ways to make money may come more easily to some this month. With a full moon at 11 degrees of Aquarius, we’re balancing the urge to go our own way and supporting others’ high and best. We’re encouraged with this full moon to recognize selfishness and internal beliefs that make us feel better, more knowledgeable or more worthy than others. Take time to get in tune with your spiritual path, your purpose, which can only be recognized from the inside. There isn’t anything outside of you that can tell you in what direction your heart longs to go. Some are here to create shake ups so we can open to change. Some are here to do more self-sacrificing because they have the emotional depths to do it. This is a time to find the honesty in our path and to choose to live and express it for the next six months.


Opal - Promotes individuality, personal expression and freedom by releasing negative beliefs about self-worth.

Turquoise - A stone for togetherness and wholeness within relationships.

Tiger's Eye - Balances your needs with those of others by helping you stay focused on what truly matters to you.

*Intuition tips, astrological advice and crystal information were taken from House of Intuition's 2020 Calendar.

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