Weekly Astrology Forecast for 8/2

This week presents moments of intensity that will continue to deepen our convictions and clarify our values. The week begins with the Aquarius full moon reawakening our expressiveness and prompting us to focus on how to serve our souls especially when its in connection with serving our communities. We can expect to hear from those whose voices have been unheard. Expect sobering thoughts and conversations having to do with responsibilities and be kind to yourself if you’re feeling isolated or overburdened with your workload. As the week progresses, our convictions can be confronted urging us to stand strongly for what it is we believe in. We’re resisting the feeling of being restricted, and so we may have to fight to expand. Mercury enters the sign of Leo, causing us to become more powerful and courageous--and maybe a little impatient--speakers and thinkers. For the next month, it can serve us well to watch for dramatic flare ups when communicating with others. Venus will begin its transit of Cancer where we’ll have energy and interest in deepening our self-love, sensitivity with our feelings and the ability to find ease at home with our families and/or chosen families.

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