Weekly Astrology Forecast for 8/16

The New Moon in Leo is bringing in a new manifestation point focused around the heart’s desires. What’s happening and radiating internally will be pushed forward to the forefront, and you’ll see the results of this over the next month as we shift into Virgo Season--allowing you to perfect those desires and properly place them into the physical world. Mercury going into Virgo is inviting us all to clear house and get the things done that we know we need to take care of and cross off our lists. Has there been something you’ve been meaning to do for months and haven’t found the time to? The end of this week will be your cue to step up and start to get it all done strategically. This transit is about working smarter, not harder. As all this Virgo energy begins, think to yourself how you can best incorporate your personal intellect into your daily life and make miracles happen through personal service! This week is jam packed towards helping you shape your own reality!

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