Mercury Goes Retrograde in Capricorn: Review Your Goals to Master Life in 2024!

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If you were hoping there was an astrological happening arriving to help you fine-tune your life for next year—you’re in luck! During the last three weeks of 2023, the Cosmic Messenger will help you go back in time and embrace introspection to get you prepared for what will be a year of huge collective, positive shifts. 

Mercury will be retrograde between December 12th and January 1st, so the timing is more than perfect! In 2023, Mercury assisted us in revising areas of life that are connected with the Earth element: resources, money, foundations, and work. In 2024, all retrograde of Mercury will occur in Fire signs, bringing considerable shifts around creativity, anger, and our zest for life. 

This Mercury Retrograde will have two very different flavors, as this is the retrograde that shifts the energy from the Earth to the Fire element. Was 2023 all work and no fun for you—or maybe the other way around? Below is how to find out! 

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: 

Capricorn is a serious sign that is all about legacy and our ability to build a life that is meaningful at a collective level. Any time between December 12th and December 22nd, light a black candle and while holding a piece of Black Tourmaline and begin making a list of your biggest accomplishments. In the left column, mention all your 2023 career wins while making sure to practice a moment of gratitude for what you create for yourself. In the right column, make a list of business-related wishes you are pursuing.  

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius:

Contrary to Capricorn, Sagittarius is a fun sign that seeks to embrace life’s biggest pleasures. Any time between December 22nd and December 31st, light a yellow candle and while holding a piece of Amethyst and begin making a list of all the amazing things you did this year, as well as your biggest future wishes. In the left column, list all your 2023 trips, studies, and even big philosophical realizations. In the right column, list the places you would like to visit and the new topics you will begin to explore in 2024. 

On January 1st as you welcome a brand-new year, pull out the list to impregnate your very first day of the year with the magic of Mercury Retrograde. Analyze it, reflect on it, and see if there are any imbalances. Now, better informed, set your intentions for 2024… Cheers! 


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