Weekly Astrology Forecast I December 4: Neptune Goes Direct: Lucid Dream with this Astral Spell

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Feel the hypnotic effect that can only emanate from one planet in the entire solar system. After being retrograde since June 30th, Neptune—the Planet of Magic and Dreams—reawakens, infusing the sky with its rosy, glamorous vibe and psychic sensitivity for the next three weeks! 

While this influence is not the best for productivity, it is ideal for ritual, spell work, and connecting with the world of fantasy, enlightenment, and spiritual transcendence. The boundaries between our waking life and our sleeping time get blurred as our bodies seek more resting time with Winter fast approaching. Neptune coming out of this long retrograde also reminds us that, via our night time visions and reveries, our spirit guides are always guiding us, every step of the way!

This ritual works better when started on Monday (the day of the week ruled by the Moon), and when it is performed three nights in a row. Neptune’s energy will be very active until December 21st.  

Lucid Dreaming Astral Spell

You will need a Selenite wand, a dark blue candle, matches, either Rosemary or Turmeric tea, honey, and a dream journal.  

Begin by brewing your tea with either one of the herbs and adding a teaspoon of honey. Grab your Selenite wand and begin clearing every corner of your bedroom while reciting the words: “I repel any negative energy from this space.” Grab your matches to light your blue candle, and stare at it for about five minutes while visualizing yourself floating in the middle of the ocean, held and protected by the Water element. 

Once you feel connected to the oceanic magic of the planet Neptune, close your eyes and imagine a huge ray of blue light coming from the universe and arriving at the top of your head. Imagine your crown chakra opening up like a flower to receive light and information. 

Next, open your eyes and begin reciting the following mantra in between tea sips: “I am being guided and supported by my spiritual team; I open my heart to them, as this is the way to decoding my dreams.” End the ritual by turning the candle off and leaving your dream journal by your bed. When you wake up in the morning, begin capturing any colors, symbols, messages, or situations you saw in your dreams, without trying to make much sense of them. Go back to your journal whenever you need answers.


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