December 1 - Mercury Enters Capricorn: A Bath Ritual to Reconnect with Your Legacy

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Welcome to December! As we enter the last month of the year, the cosmos delivers a serious vibe as the Planet of Communication and Thought Process, Mercury, enters Capricorn, on December 1st. This astrological transit is important to pay attention to due to Mercury going retrograde in this sign on December 12. We will be working with this planet-sign combination, on and off, until February 4, 2024!  

Ruled by stern Saturn, Capricorn is a zodiac sign that takes things very seriously. However, we must never forget that Capricorn has a very soft side that, over time, has been forgotten. Capricorn’s mythological animal, the Sea-Goat, features a half goat with a fishtail. This fishtail deeply connects Capricorn with the Water element, which is emotional and resilient, but that also holds past information. As we transition from 2023 to 2024, Mercury in Capricorn can help us recall our true path and what is the type of legacy we want to leave in the world. Since Capricorn also rules career and business, it can assist us in figuring out if our current job is truly aligned with this legacy. If you’re ready to remember, the following bath ritual is for you! 

The most powerful days to perform this bath are between December 1st and December 22nd & between January 13th and February 4th.  

Mercury in Capricorn Bath Ritual

You will need incense, a black candle, a piece of onyx, and your favorite flowers. Begin by cleansing your space and the inside of the bath with the incense. Next, light the black candle while saying the mantra: “That this water awakens my soul and helps me remember.” Next, fill the tub with water and once it’s filled, add the flowers. 

Once you are in the tub, change the piece of Onyx with your intention by putting it in your hands and repeating the following mantra: “Sacred mineral of Saturn, take me back to the past and help me remember what my legacy should be in this lifetime.” 

Next, relax in the tub while making it a point to open your mind to capture any symbols, images, or messages from Saturn. Once you feel ready to get out, thank the ringed planet and record, on pen and paper, everything that you received during the bath. Keep this piece of paper by your bed until the beginning of February, opening the door to receiving more messages from both Saturn and Mercury, via your dreams. 


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