Earthing and Ionic Cleansing

Our bodies are sophisticated organic mechanisms constantly interacting with the environment and influenced by small and large forces. Small forces can be the emotions people around us are carrying and large forces can be solar flares from the sun and moon cycles. Now that we are all hooked up to electronics on a daily basis, we truly get influenced by them more than any other time in history. Only in recent times (relevant to our entire history) have we started to study the subtle energy field and how it interacts with our nervous system. Geigo counters are instruments used to detect radiation and EMF meters, which are more readily available online, can measure the electromagnetic fields put off my phones, televisions and appliances.

We know that electronics have their own energy field because people that work on radio towers can be a risk of cancerous exposure if they don't take proper precaution. In a practical sense, let's just agree that we spend a ton of time in front of screens and that often feels draining right? But why? The positive ions that these electronics put off interact with our body's energy field. That energy touches the little hairs on our skin and interacts with the nervous system. We get an overload of positive ions and start 'spinning.' Positive ions do not affect our health in good ways. Overload of positive ions lead to allergies, fatigue and anxiety among other things. Negative ions help reduce inflammation, boost immunity, help to alkalize the body, stabilize the blood pressure and speed up recovery. To bring ourselves back into homeostasis we need negative ions. But where do we find them? 

Pyramid USB Powered Salt Lamp

Amethyst naturally produces negative ions. It can actually be measured. Amethyst is a readily available crystal used often on desks and on beside tables to reduce anxiety. People often wear amethyst as jewelry to receive it's benefits. At HOI we sell individual crystals, jewelry and just got new amethyst lamps in. We also sell Himalayan salt lamps which produce negative ions. My favorite are these mini-salt lamps which can plug into the usb port of your computer! Ascension stones are necklaces cut into shapes to point the energy out as you wear it around your neck. 

Amethyst Silver Ascension Stone Necklace

Other ways you can balance the ions in your body are with bath salts as well as moving water. Have you ever noticed how calm you feel when you're near the ocean? Moving water generates negative ions and calm your nerves. Taking a shower can be a great way to ease your anxiety. A salt bath with one of our bag bags can offer you quick relief when you feel drained from being around people and electronics. They also contain herbs that will soothe your emotions and bring a renewed sense of self and vitality. There is still another great practice that costs you nothing and is highly underrated, it's now being called 'earthing.' 

Glow Bath Bag

While it seems funny to call walking barefoot on the earth 'earthing' it is getting a lot of attention these days as so many of us are working in offices where EMF's inundate us and we even sleep surrounded by them. If you make it a point to walk barefoot on dirt, sand or grass for a week straight you will notice a difference in your mood. Grounding your energy helps to balance your field and can greatly improve your overall health. Stress management techniques really don't have to be just thinking positive although that is a necessary part of it. If we just walk barefoot but don't work on redirecting our mind, we can still stress ourselves out and get sick. Psychosomatic illnesses are hard to understand but as we experience the benefits of things like ionic cleansing and earthing, it becomes much more tangible because we feel the difference. You may want to check out some mats that ground you that you can put at your desk. Finally, consider bringing live plants into your bedroom and office to further purify your air! 

Thank you for reading and we hope this helps you or your loved ones! ~HOI

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