11 Ways To Deal With Change

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We all go through changes and no matter how many times it happens, it always seems to be more challenging than a usual day. I was inspired to offer some perspective and tools to help you deal with changes so that when the inevitable occurs, you will have these at your disposal to help ease the process and even benefit from it. Whether it's shifting in your core belief system, changing jobs, ending a relationship or seeing someone else go through a major shift, we need coping skills that help us manage our emotions and thoughts. Here are 11 things you can apply when you deal with change. It may be a good idea to save this information somewhere or share it with someone you know who could use a refreshing perspective. 

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1. Don't keep it all inside. The reason there are spiritual healers is to help you go through transitions without unnecessary grief. Spiritual healers are trained to help you shift your perspective and find the silver lining in events that occur. They live in a state of acceptance and practice being in a state of gratitude. Anytime I've been going through something, I remember, I don't have to go through it alone and I turn to the people that are emotional and energetic professionals to move those emotions out of my mind and body. 

2. Get a massage. Yes it's that simple. It's an act of self love that can help to relieve the stress and tension that builds up in your body and your energy field. It allows you relax and can certainly help you from developing stress related muscle pains and knots. Additionally, it helps you feel cared for especially in moments when you do not. 

3. Don't isolate yourself. While it may be a great idea to meditate and journal, don't do it for excessive periods of time. Think of positive people you know and go focus on something other than the challenge you are facing. I'm not saying ignore your problems but don't harbor on them as if they are the only thing going on in your life. You owe it to yourself to choose to have fun no matter what. 

4. Don't self medicate with drugs and alcohol. We know we have seen this in movies. The guy breaks up with his girlfriend and goes to the bar drinking until he can't standup. It's a sight for sore eyes. You're better off taking a bath (maybe use one of our bath bombs or bath salts) and watching a comedy movie. This will help you recover your energy instead of drain them. 

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5. Ask the other side for emotional support. Even if you don't think there is another side, what do you have to lose by asking? I've frequently asked for things outl oud and gotten them right away. Even before I had experiences with mediums or developed clairvoyance and those repeat experiences were pretty convincing that there is support from the unseen realms. 

6. Let go of the story. Sometimes we suffer from an expectation hangover when things in our life don't go as planned. You probably know someone who has mini-expectation hangovers throughout the day when their coffee isn't made correctly or someone shows up late. We always have a choice of whether to focus on something positive or something negative. 

7. Slow down and give yourself time to process. Don't just barrel on as if you're not feeling anything. Sit with your emotions and acknowledge them. Don't resist them and just notice ok this is anger and it makes my stomach feel weird or this is sadness and it makes my throat feel weird. If you need to take a day off from work, do it. Your own self care and emotional management can keep you from making rash decisions or saying things in the height of emotion. 

8. Think of any good things that can come of the change. We sometimes get so stuck in the resistance of the change that we forget that many other unexpected changes in our lives have led to good things. This is about finding gratitude for the challenges and not labeling them as negative. My favorite thing is to make a list of 12 things I'm grateful for and then rename them. It helps shift the mood right away.

9. Care for your body. Eat healthy food, drink water and get some exercise. Sometimes when we are sad, food doesn't taste good or we eat emotionally and reach for fatty and sugary things. This will only make us feel worse though (just like drugs and alcohol). I always say, when you're going through something, nurture yourself. Have a big hearty meal with lots of flavor and nutrients and try to keep yourself hydrated. The exercise will release endorphins that help you literally feel better but choose something gentle that doesn't feel like punishment.

10. Let those that love you be there for you. Just as you would want to be there for your friends if they were experiencing something, it's very helpful to talk to our friends about what we are experiencing. Keeping everything bottled up or holding onto your burdens is not a necessary part of life. If you're going through something major, you can even look into support groups where there will be people you can support who are dealing with similar things. 

11. Do something kind for someone else and think about your purpose in life. When we do things for other people, it has been proven to release happy chemicals. Find someone to get flowers for or offer to cook for them. It doesn't have to be something major but a kind gesture can go a long way in helping you feel better. 

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