New Moon May 25th: Cultivate Relaxation & Let It Blow Over

If you're new to understanding and using the cycles of the moon, do not dismay. It's actually quite easy with a little bit of practice. Essentially, each month is one full cycle of the moon which includes the new moon (when you look in the sky and see only a vague watermark of the moon with no white illuminated) and full moon (the moon is bright in a full circle). There is about two and a half weeks between the new and full moons. The new moon that we have this week, just like all new moons is a time to set your intention and start new projects. Many times people feel more tired than usual on a new moon and feel like staying in, possibly away from people. Additionally, each new moon occurs in one of the 12 zodiac signs which corresponds with certain qualities that affect our psyche. Knowing the sign the moon is in helps us use the emotional energy that is generated by the way the moon affects our nervous system and highly sensitive bodies. We can predict when emotions will be high and know when organizational or creative energy will be heightened. The full moon is when we often see people energized, confident and getting the things they started to call in on the new moon. 
Alright, let's get to the energy of this week's new moon in Gemini on May 25th. Expert astrologers are kind enough to look at the placements of other planets on these lunar events so we can get a more accurate and multifaceted idea of what to expect. From what we can see, deep insecurities in our relationships may surface that have been below the surface so know that it may be a good time to really take a spa day, put on calm music and journal out your feelings instead of acting on them. It can be helpful to look at if your feelings are coming from deep rooted insecurities or truly coming from your relationship. Just know that there could be some triggers in your relationship and you don't want them to get the best of you since this emotional state is indeed temporary. 
On the bright side, we can expect our relationships to go through some type of transformation. The unhealthy ones may finally come to a breaking point and the ones meant to last may be strengthened through adversity. Notice if you feel inclined to threaten your partner in the form of an ultimatum and try to let yourself chill and really think through your actions. If you notice someone doing it to you, don't take it ultra-personal. This is also a great time to make sure you're not smothering someone and if you feel like you're being controlled, hold your tongue, take a deep breath and don't be reactive. It's best on a day like this to say less and be very extra loving and considerate because of the energy of a Venus Pluto square that brings transformation to love. 
Painting by Katie Essman
On this new moon, remember that tears are not always a bad thing. You may be releasing some emotions that you no longer need that are coming to the surface. In fact, tears can be celebrated when we take a different perspective on the act of letting go. Cultivate extra patience at this time for others especially. Yes we all have neurosis but it does not encompass all of who we are. On a day like this it may be hard to tell what is our own dark side and what we are projecting onto other people, again another reason why you need to be in positive relaxing environments. Maybe watch a funny movie or take a walk and go to bed early after setting your intention for the coming full moon. 
On the global scale, we may see people who are hungry for power exploiting others or sudden events that catch us off guard. Essentially it just may be a more dramatic day than usual so don't take it or yourself too seriously. We may see people trying to challenge the powers that be. It's interesting to watch how just as our personal emotions are affected by the moon, so too are politics and events. In conclusion, due to the binary aspect of gemini (having two sides) we will be aware of both the light and the dark in our mind. We can choose to ask ourselves, what can I do to stay positive today? 

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