Check Out Naha's New Crystal Sets and Magic Boxes!

We are continuing to innovate ways to bridge metaphysics and your day to day life and Naha's boxes are a collection of our items that can help to solidify and focus your intention. Here's the down-low on her new boxes and sets and some of her own insights about why she has made them. Naha runs a mystery school every Saturday at 11am at our Echo Park location and has classes on magic available on HOI.TV.

Whether you are aiming to become a practitioner in the healing arts, just looking to heal from a messy relationship, or want to develop some intuitive abilities the healer set is an excellent combination of all four elements (earth, air, fire and water). You receive a magic candle, incense, a special water, salt with a shell as well as crystals. If you'd like to learn more about how these elements affect your emotions check out Naha's Elemental Magic series on HOI.TV.

The 3 crystals in the box include lepidolite (known to release and reorganize old psychological patterns that influence behaviors), auralite 23 (a super crystal and master of all gems recently discovered as a powerful healing stone which can help us heal from past pain) and chlorite phantom quartz point (which facilitates in higher consciousness). Naha personally charges the crystals and has curated this kit from her own healing practice.

The kit helps stimulate a variety of senses to put you into a different state of consciousness intended for healing. This box is the most pricey at $80 but it is certainly a bargain for all who are ready to take their healing to the next level. There are four different elemental magic boxes (The Healer Box, The Heart Box, The Victory Box and The Spirit Box) and you can learn all about them in depth from Naha on HOI.TV for FREE in our free tutorials section. 

If you don't want to spend quite as much or are just looking to increase your crystal selection, there are 4 sets which just have the crystals from each of these kits. The Healer Crystal Set (priced at $55) can also aid in meditation and psychic protection. The Heart Crystal Set (priced at $45) with danburite, spessartine garnet and rose quartz is designed for self love and romance. Additionally, danburite aids in accepting others while relieving emotional pain. Spessartine garnet aids the reproductive system as well as the heart and rose quartz helps with commitment, determination, new love and relationships. The Victory Set  (priced at $45) combines the energy of abundance from the citrine with the shielding energy of pyrite topped off with the transformative energies of malachite. The magical Spirit Set with angelite generator, aquamarine and spirit quartz is designed for contacting your spirit guides and communicating more clearly with the other dimensional beings. 


Naha is a senior reader and healer at House of Intuition. She also offers other classes in person as well as private readings and healing sessions. She teaches classes about Tarot, Developing Intuition, as well as Crystals and Stones. There are not many people with the depth of knowledge and dedication to teaching as her in the area. When you meet her, you realize, this is a rare type of teacher and her wisdom is apparent by the level of respect and following she has developed in her student base. She hosts a monthly Middle Pillar Ritual in the tradition of Hermetic Qabalistic High Magic. Her popular Crystal Grid Ceremonies supply the stones and the knowledge for attendees to build an activated Crystal Grid at home. We are so grateful to have her as a part of our family at House of Intuition and for her contribution to the community. Naha strives to awaken her students to discover their potential and develop their gifts. 

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