Take Back Your Power

We are leaking energy like old pipes leaking water every where we go. Energy management is all the craze now with buzzwords like 'biohacking' taking center stage. But what does 'energy' even mean? It's about our attention, how we fuel our body and how we use our time. It is helpful to talk about energy draining so we can be more efficient and successful, happy and healthy.

Here's a practical way that taking your power back can help you. Let's look at one area we give our power away in our daily lives, our food choices. Our spouse, our coworkers or the media can influence or entice us to eat things that may be full of sugar or less than desirable ingredients if we don't create boundaries in this area. Thus our energy get's drained, we think less clearly and feel less confident because we lack energy. Taking back the power in what we choose to fuel our body with can make us more effective leaders and more creative individuals. 

There are many more ways that large social trends like how we eat can drain our energy and power. If we are a circuit running energy, we can look to see where we are giving energy away. Here is another practical example. Are we letting our boss influence us to overwork and not even take a break for lunch? Setting healthy boundaries with our time and what we offer to others can be a huge step in taking back our power. 

What societal ideals are you subscribing to that use your resources and energy? Do you feel you need an ultra luxury lifestyle so you are working in a job you despise? Are you subscribed to thinking you have to only have a desk job when sitting for prolonged periods of time disagrees with your body's natural health? How can you bring more energy back if you do have a desk job? Maybe taking more time in the day to improve your circulation by walking and stretching?

Communication can be another energy draining place in our lives. Saying negative things about others will drain our energy because it puts us in a bad mood and creates stress. Being around people who speak ill of us or of others will create the same energy suck. The more positive words you choose to use and the more positive people you choose to hang out with, the more energy you will have.

House of Intuition teaches you, on many levels, how to take back your power whether it's from a reading that will give you a more empowered perspective or by giving you tools like intention candles that will help you keep your mind positive. You can also take meditation classes or read books about how to change your thinking from our library so you don't give away your power in your thoughts. Thoughts are the strongest wavelength and this is also the largest energy drain. If you aren't local, learn more about this on www.HOI.TV.com our metaphysical learning center available on your phone and in the convenience of your own home. 

Strength Magic Candle

We have crystals which can help you from leaking energy as well! The best energy saving crystals are the black ones because they help transmute negative energy and provide a protective resonance. Black tourmaline is my personal favorite. 

We are inundated with social media and this hyperstimulating information and images drains our nervous system. The best way to recharge an overactive brain is to get enough sleep, take time to relax and do slow deep breathing. We love to use essential oils that naturally calm an active mind or incense which has a calming effect. Check out our lavender or geranium organic essential oils! 


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