Today's Full Moon in Scorpio: Rebirth

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." J.R.R. Tolkien

Today's full moon may allow you to get the resources you need to accomplish your goals and you may be able to find your power much easier. Scorpio is a water sign, passionate and deep thinking. The Mercury retrograde period is also now over so things we have been waiting on will likely move full steam ahead. This is a great time for artists!

Image by Gabi Xavier

All things related to projects, travel, publishing, creativity and partnerships have supportive energy May 10th and 11th due to other planetary alignments! For those that have begun new things this year, the energy to build and work towards those passions is amplified now. Innovation comes easier now and there is a sense of liberating freedom in the air!

We can expect this month to flow much easier than the last and we will be able to express our unique creative side independent of groups courageously. If you're wondering what to focus on, it's a good time to start a cleanse or even do some spring cleaning because of the alignment with Pluto which helps us purge. We aren't starting new things until the new moon. So trim the fat in your environment so you can have even more clarity and efficient use of your energy when we begin our new manifesting on the new moon. 

Image by Amrit Brar

It is a great time to tune into yourself deeply and really notice what you are feeling. Scorpio's passion will make you want to connect to others as well. We have some raw honesty available to us now that allows us to look in the mirror and see what thoughts we have been holding onto that we no longer need. Resentments, fears and illusions are easier to see. It is a good time to sit with your inner voice to take a poll about your inner goals. Have you been fighting for what you really want? Finally, ask yourself if you have been giving your power away to be liked or admired and shed that waste of energy so you can find a more fulfilling use of your energy. 

Now is the time to commit to what we stand behind and hold onto the visions of what we want to create. As we trust ourselves, hold onto our visions and start to take steps towards those idealistic goals, we are making a difference and creating lasting change from the momentum of small steps. 

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