Crystal School Is Beginning Thursday May 4th!

Crystal School begins this Thursday May 4 and so I asked Naha some questions that might help you decide if this course if right for you! 

Q: How would someone who doesn't know about crystals benefit from this course?
Crystals will surprise you when you realize that you are able to identify for your self, which ones can help you the most. In that way, they help you to trust your own intuition. They can be worked into our lives in so many ways, and they are teachers of the natural laws of the world. This course goes very in depth so that anyone who is just getting started, or someone who already works with crystals can really get a substantial knowledge base about them.

Q: How would this course help people pursuing a career in the healing arts?
Learning how to feel subtle energies is a big part of being an intuitive healer. Crystals will work on "healing the healer" first and foremost.
Crystal healings can also be added to many modalities, whether you actually lay them on your client, or if you make a grid in your healing room, or if you program them to assist you in certain ways.
You will also learn about shapes, colors, chakras, clearing and charging, and a lot of things that can be applied beyond just use with crystals.

Q: What do you find is the most valuable part of your work with crystals?
I think that it might be how easy it is for people to begin to connect with them. Everyone can appreciate their beauty. And seeing someone feel crystal energy for the first time brings me a lot of joy. They help me in so many ways; from the most physical to the most spiritual; and there isn't a ailment I know of that can't be made better by their presence.

Q: Crystals seem to be gaining popularity, how do you think our culture will benefit from having crystals and education about them as a part of our daily lives?
It's all about getting us back to a connection with nature, with our planet, with something that is purely of the earth and not man-made. Crystals shouldn't be thought of as possessions, but as allies, that we are the caretakers for. In that way they help us to be grounded and appreciative, and out of our consumer mindset.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the history of crystals?
They have oldest history on the planet! Crystals have been here since the dawn of time, and will be here long after we are gone. They have been used throughout man's history for everything from healing to protective amulets, to tools and oracles. They've been ground for pigments, and carved into sacred objects. They were revered by the ancient Egyptians, and placed in the breastplate of high priests in many religions. In modern times they are used in microprocessors, and being found to have the ability to store ever expanding amounts of data. Crystals truly are a gift from the earth and the sacred geometrical patterns in their crystalline structure makes them not only useful in healing ourselves but places them on the forefront of technologies and science.
If you are ready to explore the Crystal Kingdom, come join this hands-on workshop series. You'll receive a beautiful set of crystals to work with and you will also have the opportunity to bring your own stones to class and work with them. Space is limited, Sign up here:

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