Learn How To Use Our Magic Products For Free On HOI.TV

Did you know that HOI.TV now has free tutorials for our line of magic products? You may not have time when you come into the store to speak to someone about each item you buy so we recorded our team talking about each product to help you get the most out of them. We know we have a lot of different gadgets and gizmos for your magical toolbox which can leave people wondering, 'where do I start?' Here are some products you can start learning about today. You can learn how to bring certain energies into your life, protect your energy and call upon your guides. 

Cascarilla is only $8 and is an old protection product stemming from West Africa. Now many pagans use this product either on the windowsill or doorways. Some people choose to use it to create an egg around them while meditating. Another great use for this is to put a small amount in the bath tub if you are feeling drained or foggy. If you feel like your energy is stagnant, this is a great tool to clear it. Interestingly enough, Cascarilla was not always eggshells. Originally is was a powder which came from a tree but that was often hard to find and in certain locations, impossible. The word means outer covering or husk and eggshells became more popular overtime because they were more readily available. Some people like to mix the eggshells with water to clean their floors and get rid of negative energy. Long story short, it provides a barrier between the physical and spiritual so that you can be protected from low vibration energies. Empaths could definitely bennefit from this products because even though we can't see it with the naked eye, low vibration energies float about in what we call the other dimensions. Often Cascarilla is used to draw symbols that create a protective energy. Symbols are also used in reiki to move energy. If you want to learn more about symbols, check out some of our books in our library. I read a book that helped me understand lower vibration energy much better called The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook by Robert Bruce. He refers to negative energy as 'negs' in this book and shares his journey as an empath and understanding how to manage energy attacks. Fun fact: the original cascarilla was used to decrease stomach aches and fevers!

The vast array of herbs available in our three stores in Los Angeles (Melrose in Weho, York in Highland Park and Sunset in Echo Park) can help you with many health ailments as well as aid you in maintaining your energy. One of my personal favorites is Devil's Claw Root which is a natural pain reliever. Hailing from Africa, this pungent plant can help reduce muscle and joint pain without the negative side effects of over the counter drugs. There are guides to our herbs in each of our stores where you can read more in depth about each plant medicine. This ancient herbalism practice comes from many cultures and the uses are a lifetime of study. Herbs are used with candles, teas and on altars for many different purposes. Our herbs are organic and very affordable. We have some great books about how to use these herbs in our library as well!

We certainly have one of the most diverse collections of crystals for the household magician in LA. We are constantly updating our collection and when you come in, there are small descriptions in front of each crystal. You can also pick up some books about crystals in our library. A good one to start with is The Crystal Bible. You can wear crystals as jewelry or place them on your altar to help you with meditation. I like to carry my crystals with me to accentuate certain energy such as positivity, protection and intuition. The nice thing about crystals is there is something for every budge and again, there are endless things to learn with crystals so you won't get bored. Some can help you detox, heal from surgery, help you focus or even help keep you from having nightmares. The world of crystals works in frequency and vibration. We know that everything, all matter is in motion and so the basis of these products are using the collected therapeutic benefits of these crystals with our body's own energy fields. We also have a crystal expert on staff, Naha who teaches about them in her in depth 6 week crystal course which starts this Thursday, May 4. She offers crystals healing year round at our Echo Park location. 

We have free tutorials about much more on the channel! Check out the healing properties of our organic pure grade essential oils, get to know our special waters and even how to use magnetic sand! HOI.TV also has classes with our healers that will help you heal, transform and activate your intuition! For classes you can try a day for free and sign up for less than $1 a day. We even have a convenient app to learn on the go in brief segments or just decompress on your lunch break! We love the idea of getting people together to take a class at your home! Thank you for being a part of our global community of awareness! Keep spreading the light and love around the planet. 


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