Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn
Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn opposes the Sun in Cancer, drawing attention to the balance (or lack thereof) between our public and private lives. The tension here can be potentially stressful, especially with Mars in Cancer, making us moody about action while the Capricorn Moon pushes us to accomplish more. To make matters worse, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, further amplifying the Moon’s effect now. Though that might make us more emotional this week, it’s also a great source of magical energy to direct into our spells. 


Full Moons are the mid-point in the lunar cycle, so they invite us to consider how we’re doing on the plans we established at the New Moon. Over the next two weeks, as the Moon wanes, we’re encouraged to complete whatever we can on our to-do list in preparation for the next New Moon. Full Moons are a time of completion, symbolizing the fruition of our goals. Spells for completing projects, finalizing goals and closing deals are especially effective now. You can also use the power of the Full Moon to add extra energy to any ongoing spells you may have cast at the New Moon or earlier. 


With the Moon in Capricorn, magic associated with career, ambition and politics is highlighted now. Capricorn, the sign of the high-climbing Goat, represents worldly ambition and public achievements. The hard-working sign values service, honor and public duty. Career, professionalism and reputation are extremely important to Capricorn, so the Moon here spotlights our need to succeed. But with the Capricorn Moon opposing the Cancer Sun, there’s a tug of war. Cancer is all about nurturing the home, family and deeper sentimental feelings. Cancer is decidedly private and introspective where Capricorn is honorably public and extroverted.  


The contrast on the Cancer/Capricorn axis invites us to consider if we have a healthy work/life balance. Are we working too much and neglecting our family? Or are we bringing emotional issues into the professional workplace inappropriately? Some of us may fall on the Cancer side, placing family above our careers to the detriment of our progress, while others fall with Capricorn, placing career above family to the detriment of happiness. Both are dangerous and require rebalancing. 


Another side effect of this combination may be that you’re plagued with pressure to accomplish and achieve something because of the Capricorn Moon, but you’re held back from really doing too much with the Sun and Mars both in lackadaisical Cancer. So your mind might be prodding you to act while the landscape forbids it, creating some tension. Rather than getting railroaded by this tense opposition, channel the energy into your ritual work. Use Capricorn’s ambition to consider your larger goals for the years ahead and set those intentions in ceremony. If you find yourself reacting emotionally to every idea and its alternative, then simply cast a spell to free you of the emotional intensity surrounding your career. 


Try a basic ceremony with a candle (ideally green for career) and a piece of paper listing your intentions. Write your intentions as facts in the present tense, so instead of saying, “I want a great job,” write, “I have a great job.” Pray and meditate over the candle, visualizing how it feels to achieve your goal, and then burn the list. Let the candle burn out on its own and know that your desire has been broadcast to the universe through the magical medium of fire. 


Alternatively, you can try a water ceremony with a bowl of water set under the Full Moon. Let the water absorb the moonlight for as long as you can, for at least thirteen minutes. Meditate and pray over the water, visualizing having what you desire. You can devise a short chant that encapsulates your intent in lieu of a list. Intone your chant while holding the bowl of water. To complete the ritual, drink and/or bless yourself with the magically-charged water and know that you’re now imbued with the power to achieve your goal. 


With the Summer heating up and with the Sun and Mars in Cancer, we may be a little sluggish and that may frustrate our careers and relationships. Take the Capricorn Moon as an opportunity to recharge your life with the ambitious energy of the Goat, but don’t let it make you anxious about your progress. 

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