Meet Marlene & Alex: the Owners of House of Intuition

Meet Marlene & Alex: the Owners of House of Intuition
Marlene and Alex founded House of Intuition together five years ago and have worked tirelessly to develop this thriving spiritual community. From their humble beginnings, they’ve expanded House of Intuition to acquire a healing space, a classroom studio next door at Temple of Intuition, a massage parlor at the Echo Foot Lounge & Herbal Garden, and another location in Highland Park. House of Intuition has certainly come a long way in a short time. 


From the House’s recent renovations to this brand new blog, Marlene and Alex are always eager to grow with the hopes of inspiring even more people on the spiritual path. But most importantly, they are spiritual seekers themselves. They practice what they preach. Magic has so profoundly transformed their lives that they want to share this transformation with everyone. 


Check out this quick interview with Marlene and Alex to learn how House of Intuition was born: 


What inspired you to open House of Intuition? 


Marlene: In 2007, I went through what many others were going through during this time: we lost our our home, cars, and our business to the market crash, and ultimately filed for bankruptcy. Desperate to find answers, clarity and direction, we went to a Tarot reader. We went through a transformation of spirituality that began with that first reading and by 2010 we wanted to give back what we had received. The rest is history.


Alex: Growing up with a Catholic background, I always questioned Catholic traditions. Some things just didn’t sit right with me. So as I got older, I began my spiritual journey seeking what felt right for my soul. Throughout my journey, I realized I didn’t have to conform to one single belief system. I decided I would create my own spiritual tradition by taking things that resonated with me from many spiritual and religious practices.


My personalized spiritual tradition was greatly tested in 2007 when my path was challenged with many changes. The real estate market crashed, causing loss and devastation for myself and many others. However, that same year I met my soulmate, best friend, life partner and business partner who was also going through a great deal of loss, not only financial but emotional as well. Our paths crossed at just the perfect time. Coincidence? I think NOT! The universe, our guides and God knew exactly what they were doing in bringing us together. We embarked on this journey together wherein like most couples, we were trying to recover from all that we were going through. Spirituality was a very big part of that recovery process. We shared stories, experiences, and I learned there are a lot of commonality in our spiritual search. Again, no coincidence.


As we were slowly recovering from all of the loss, we heavily relied on the power of prayer, ritual, meditation, and candle burning. Not only did we experience great emotional comfort from our practice, but it all worked! So then we would have pillow talk about how great it would be to provide a space where we could teach people and provide the tools to EMPOWER them. And three years later in 2010, that pillow talk became reality. 


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned since opening?


Alex: The power of unconditional love and compassion. The importance of living my authentic self and the oneness of the mind, body and soul. 


Marlene: Keep an open mind always. Don’t stand in your own way and go with the flow of the Universe. Know when to make changes and know when not to!


What’s your personal mantra that keeps you going? 


Marlene: Thank you to my spirits, my ancestors, and my God for always being by my side. I am grateful for all I am and all I will be. 


Alex: Keep an open mind and an open heart. Live in the light, be the light, spread the light. I am in gratitude for the many blessings. 


How have you changed since opening HOI? 


Alex: Living my soul’s purpose and life’s mission has enabled me to express and live my highest truth. We are always a work in progress, but the art of expression is definitely where I have improved. 


Marlene: So many answers to this one question, but to sum it up in one phrase: when we started this journey we knew very little of the power we have to create our dreams, and today we dream bigger because now we know all is possible. 


What are your hopes for the HOI community? 


Marlene: That we continue to help change lives and have a safe place for people to call their spiritual home across the US. 


Alex: That we are blessed with the opportunity to touch as many lives in a positive way for many years to come. 


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