July 11th: Sacred Bearometry at the Highland Park Art Walk

Sacred Bearometry Dr. Tara Logsdon
This July 11th, House of Intuition will be proudly showcasing the work of artist Dr. Tara Logsdon during the Highland Park Artwalk. Dr. Logsdon will be debuting a new exhibit titled “Sacred Bearometry,” a part of her Die Bearmy project (pronounced dee-bair-mee) where discarded teddy bears are rescued, revitalized and resurrected to fight the battle against wasteful mass production.


You may have seen some of Tara’s artwork before: she is the graphic designer behind our popular line of Zodiac candles, as well as a new line of Major Arcana candles that we’ll be debuting this Saturday. Each candle will be associated with one of the 22 Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, giving you the opportunity to imbue yourself with that card’s energy. She’s also the artist behind the Bearot Tarot deck, a complete bear-themed set of divination cards. 


We sat down with Tara to pick her brain about bears, magic and the Tarot. Check it out: 


What inspired Die Bearmy? 


“The belief that we as people must slow down and become more deliberate with our creation and consumption to decrease the amount of abandonment in the world.” 


How did you begin working with HOI? 


Naha [one of the healers here at HOI] is one of my best friends. We have a long connection of supporting and inspiring each other.” 


Which is your favorite Major Arcana card and why? 


“I like the Wheel of Fortune. I always think of it in terms of a ferris wheel. Like sometimes you are on top, sometimes bottom, sometimes the middle, but no matter where you are, it will change. But if you can step further back you see you really shouldn’t even be riding it, but instead become the hub in the very center letting it all just move around you.” 


Why bears? 


“Teddy bears are relatable to all people because most people have had one. It is also the bear in native culture that represents medicine people or healers.” 


What inspired the Bearot Tarot decks?


“I wanted to learn more about Tarot. I had a hard time finding a modern, minimalist deck that wasn’t goddess-y, so I decided to make my own. I knew that Naha was an expert, so she could collaborate with me and help me convert all the meanings accurately.”


To learn more about Die Bearmy and how you can adopt a bear, check out their website. Or come on down to our Highland Park location this Saturday the 11th to see her work in person. And don’t forget to pick up a Major Arcana candle while you’re at it!

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