Gemini New Moon

Gemini New MoonLife is finally moving forward again with Mercury going direct along with the New Moon and the Sun in Gemini. Retrograde Mercury has been slowing us down since May 18th, making it difficult to communicate, travel or make decisions. We should finally be thinking clearly again, and with so many planets in Gemini, thoughts may be rushing by fast and furious. 


Gemini, the sign of the Twins, represents duality, curiosity and a fascination with ideas. Gemini energy is very light, breezy and flirty, flitting from one topic to another like a butterfly. While this energy can be a bit scatterbrained, it’s also full of novelty and the excitement of new ideas & experiences.  


With all this Gemini energy in our lives right now, our schedules are probably quickly filling up with fun activities. The social life takes emphasis over the professional now, which makes sense as the season of barbecues, beach days and musical festivals is in full swing. Expect lots of conversations but don’t expect too much depth. It’s easy to keep it casual and relaxed now, and conversations will tend more towards interesting ideas rather than deep, personal heart to hearts. 


So many ideas in the air means inspiration is afoot. Your mind is probably suddenly flooded with great ideas about how to move your life forward. Creativity should be surging now, so keep a pen handy to capture all those wonderful thoughts. But be ready to flit from one project to another without too much focus. Just capture as much of it as you can while it goes by; you can always sort through it later. 


The Gemini New Moon on Tuesday June 16th is a great time for magic concerning communication. Since Gemini is all about conversation—the duality of the Twins symbolizes dialogue after all—any spells aimed at boosting communication will be extremely effective now. Have you and your spouse had trouble honestly discussing your feelings without overreacting? Are you having trouble expressing yourself at work or in your job search? Is a friend or family member just not hearing or understanding you? Spells to break through such communication barriers will be greatly aided by the Gemini New Moon. 


Fire ceremonies are a common way to honor the New Moon and utilize it’s magic. You can light a bonfire or just a candle. For communication, blue is a great choice, as it aligns with the throat chakra which governs self-expression. Write down your intentions as if they’re already facts. So instead of saying, “I want to communicate better with my spouse,” write, “My spouse and I are communicating easily and happily.” Always write your intentions as if they have already come true in the present tense. Then, meditate on what that feels like before casting your paper into the fire. 


Communication also extends to marketing, public relations and creative projects like books, music and film. So if you’re doing any projects involving any of these, try lighting a candle for it and visualize what success on those fronts look like to you. Write your intentions for your marketing or creative projects as if they’re already true, and take a moment to revel in the feeling of success. 


Since Gemini also governs travel, you may want to cast spells for any trips you or loved ones are taking to ensure not only that the journey transpires smoothly and safely, but also that interesting and novel experiences and adventures unfold. Gemini is not just about traveling safely from one destination to another, but finding the adventure in every step, so use the Twins’ intrepid spirit to make your summer travel plans pop. 


And if the Gemini energy is leaving you feeling restless, antsy and heady, don’t fret: on June 21st, the summer solstice will announce the Sun’s movement into nurturing, sensitive Cancer where the mental energy will chill out a bit. So if you’re looking for a relaxing, quiet Summer, don’t worry, it’s just around the corner! In the meantime, make some new friends, have some random conversations and chase your curiosity. 

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