How to Practice Candle Magic

How to cast attraction spells

Candle magic is a simple, effective way to cast spells for just about anything. A candle ceremony is a powerful method of focusing your intent to achieve specific goals and manifest certain outcomes. Use this ritual for almost all of your magical needs: finding love, making money, healing yourself or others, the list goes on. Here are some simple ways to practice candle magic. 

First, you’ll need to choose a color. There are many color systems, but most people tend to use the chakra system, so that’s become standard these days. If you’re familiar with chakras, just determine which of your chakras needs help to achieve the goal, and then select the corresponding color. For example, for issues involving your heart chakra, green or pink candles will work, but for spells for your throat chakra, blue is a better choice. 

Here is a list of colors and their associations which you can use to determine the right candle color for your spell: 

Red - for spells associated with the root chakra, physical health, energy level/stamina, libido, sex, lust, passion, or power. 

Orange - for spells associated with the navel chakra, attraction, reproduction (& the reproductive organs), fertility, growth, abundance, creativity, or productivity. 

Yellow - for spells associated with the solar plexus chakra, self-esteem, self-confidence, happiness, digestion, or energy level/stamina. 

Green - for spells associated with the heart chakra, healing, growth, abundance, prosperity, money, or success. 

Blue - for spells associated with the throat chakra, communication, self-expression, processing information, or mental stimulation. 

Purple - for spells associated with the third eye chakra, mental clarity, insight, understanding, guidance, spiritual growth, enlightenment, psychic power, or political power. 

Pink - for spells associated with the heart chakra, love, romance, relationships, friendship, or family. 

Black - for spells associated with banishing, negativity, protection, or exorcism. 

Brown - for spells associated with the Earth, land, real estate, property, home & family, pets, livestock, animals, legal problems, court cases, or dealing with bureaucracy & red tape. 

White - For spells associated with the crown chakra, cleansing, purification, healing, truth/honesty, clarity, understanding, or insight. White is a neutral energy, making it useful as a substitute for any of the other colors for when you’re in a pinch. 

Silver - for spells associated with the Moon, self-reflection, intuition, or psychological realizations. 

Gold - for spells associated with the solar plexus chakra, the Sun/solar energy, wealth, prosperity, business, or success. 


With these associations, you should be able to determine the best color choice for your spell. Feel free to browse our selection of candles


Next, determine the appropriate time to cast your spell. Most spell casting is done at night, because the ambiguity of darkness leaves room for transformation. Through experience, you’ll learn when your most powerful time is: for some they’re at their best around dusk, others prefer midnight, while still others swear by the pre-dawn hours. Candle magic is especially suited for darkness, so that you may better study the flame. 

Make sure to align your working with the cycles of nature to add an immense dose of power to your work. The Moon cycle each month provides a steady structure around which to craft your ritual. New Moons, marking the beginning of a new cycle, are excellent times to cast spells to attract new desires, planting seeds for the cycle to come. Full Moons, marking the end of a lunar cycle, are excellent times for banishing that which no longer serves you, a time for closure, resolution and completion of goals. If you are trying to find new love or a better job, your spell would be best cast on or near the New Moon. Whereas, a spell to kick an addictive vice or to banish a clinging ex would be most powerful on or near the Full Moon. The two weeks following the New Moon is likewise a time marked for beginnings, while the two weeks following the Full Moon is a time marked for endings. Schedule your spell accordingly. 

When the preselected hour of your ritual arrives, prepare with a ritual bath. You may sprinkle some herbs in the bathtub or shower to take an actual bath, or you may perform a symbolic ablution with sage smoke or incense. The idea is to ritually cleanse yourself to prepare for magical work.  

To start the ceremony, simply light the candle and meditate upon your desire. Visualize yourself happily enjoying the outcome which you desire. Really try to feel the joy and gratitude of getting what you want. You may simply meditate for a time, and then leave the candle to burn out on its own accord. Never blow the candle out.  

To go a little deeper, you can also choose to write down your intention on a Petition Paper. If you choose to write your intentions, make sure to state them as declarative sentences in the present tense. For example, do not write, “I want a job.” Instead, write, “I have a great job that I love.” Do not write, “I hope to find love someday.” Instead, write, “I have a happy, loving partner and we are deeply in love.” State your desire as if you already have it. It also helps to describe how you want to feel when you have this desire fulfilled. Be specific and detailed. 

When you’ve completed writing your Petition Paper, meditate on your desire as described before. When you’re ready to finish the ceremony, simply dip the Petition Paper in the candle flame and let it burn. You can set it to burn in a tray of foil or a metal bowl. As the paper burns, wave your hands over the smoke and invite it into your belly, your chest and your forehead. Watch the paper as it burns, and keep watching until there’s nothing left. Sometimes, you may receive a sign in the flames, so look closely. 

After you complete your ritual, you must stop wondering if your desire will be fulfilled, and act with full confidence that the outcome is now inevitable. If you continue dwelling on the original problem, then you will suffocate the magic before it can initiate change. By projecting confidence and not worrying about the problem, you’ll insure your spell has the space to work its magic. 

So how soon should you expect to see some results after you cast your spell? Expect to see a sign after three days. A sign could be a coincidence, a synchronicity, or any subtle turn of events that makes you feel like the magic is working. Expect to see movement after three weeks. Usually, after three weeks you can tell if your spell is moving events in the right direction, or if it needs more energy to break through resistance. For beginners, you’ll likely come to a realization after three weeks that your intentions were unrealistic or not really what you wanted, and it’s time to cast another spell with more specific, more refined goals. Finally, you should expect completion of your spell after three months. At this point, you may find your goal is within reach, but it will still be up to you to seize it. After all, you have free will, which means that magic can pass you a lay up, but it can’t slam dunk the ball for you. In the end, you’ll have to pull the trigger yourself, while the magic is there to rig the odds in your favor. 

Finally, we have to stress the importance of karma. Remember that whatever action you take has an equal consequence for you, whether your action is taken directly or through magic. Hurting others through magic will not shield you from consequences. A good rule of thumb is to avoid casting spells that may infringe another person’s free will. So, if you’re casting a love spell, don’t try to make your crush fall in love with you. Instead, cast a spell to make you more charming and attractive to your crush. The first spell is coercive toward your crush, whereas the second spell is not, it’s simply giving yourself extra power without infringing your crush’s freedom to choose their own partner. 

With a little self-reflection, creativity, focus, and sound judgment, you can use candle magic to transform yourself, your life and your future. It may seem simple, but try it, and you’ll see the results for yourself.

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